Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept. 16: Things to strive for

The blogging challenge for today: What do you wish you were better at?

This was not a hard list for me to come up with, not because I am hard on myself, but because I like to improve and have goals, and know that I'm not good at everything I put my mind to.

In no particular order of importance:

Singing. I have often said that if I were a gifted singer I would be hard to be around--I would always singing some song or other. Which is humorous, because I sing a lot as it is. My poor family.

Calligraphy. This is one where I know I would get better and better, if I just put the time in. Someday...

Being graceful. Not sure there's enough time in the world to turn me from this:

Into this:

But a girl can dream, can't she?! I have often referred to my awkward stage as one that began at 14 and hasn't ended. That's not quite true, but I do know that I'm built more for energetic movement rather than graceful movement. (So now I sound like a sprinter, and that's not at all the case.)

Sticking with an exercise regimen long term. This relates to the fundamental disconnect between me and my motives for exercising. Is it health (hmmm, sure, if you say so) or is it to stop the jiggling of the thighs (closer to the truth). A few weeks/months in, the jiggle stops and so do I. Not a big mystery, but a repeated trend I'd like to shake up a bit. Surely by my mid-forties, I should be able to exercise for the health of it?

Sewing. Much like calligraphy, a little time (and some increased patience, which I feel I am acquiring in my old age) would do wonders toward turning me into a quilter.

Then I would turn out pieces like this:

Yes, I want to get better at things such as being flexible/spontaneous more quickly (I need a few minutes to adjust to changes, any changes) and being a better listener. I would also very much like to end my life as someone who has mastered the fine art of forgiveness and unconditional love. Again, a girl can dream, right?!

Onward to continual improvement, whether sewing a straight line or singing on key!

What would you like to get better at? Taking any steps to do so?

Jen and I (and now my mom and Lisa too!) are blog challenging throughout September. You can catch her blog over at Stuff Jen Says. If you want to write along with us, give me a shout and I'll send you the blog prompts.


  1. Don't exercise for the health of it --- exercise because it's fun. You just need to find the exercise that you find fun, whether it's bicycling (my favorite), swimming, racquetball, taking a class at a gym, or running.

    I just wish I was better at not giving advice when it's not being requested... ;-)

    1. I like your advice, Brent. Now... what about those of us who just don't see it as fun? I'm not saying I'm lazy, really, but I don't get a lot of whoooo out of exercise. Gardening, sure. But there may not be enough hours in the day to work up the sweat with gardening that I need to, for fitness... But I DO get your drift. I'll work on it. And the joy of commenting is that the world is wanting your advice, right?! Always love to hear from you.


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