Friday, September 13, 2013

Sept. 13: Friday night grateful moment, or: what is your favorite quote, and why?

Ah, Friday. So good to see you.

The blog challenge for today is to share a favorite quote. In the singular. Ha ha ha. Favorite? My favorite changes quite regularly. It depends on mood, weather, moon cycles, you name it.

So, obviously, I can't share just one. And I'm going to mix in the gratitude with the quotes. That's the kind of cleverness you have come to expect here on the blog, I know. And I aim to deliver.

This week was a mix of work and non-profit-ish work, which felt a bit like play, except for the hours spent s.i.t.t.i.n.g. I am not used to that. My stand-up desk keeps me somewhat spry, and when, on the second morning I planted my butt in the same chair as day 1, it spoke up and said, "Hey, don't sit on me again." Seriously. But the conversations and discussions and presentations were all lively and interesting and louder than my butt, thankfully. So grateful for thoughtful minds.

Last night I was grateful to get to spend time with dear friend Kate, and we wandered the Queen Anne farmer's market and a few other shops. There were some really fabulous looking/smelling food trucks there, from mac-n-cheese to quesadillas and artisanal ice creams.

We wandered back to Kate's car via a shop that had the following quotes available--and many more--very simply typed out. I looked for quotes I haven't seen before, or quotes in a larger context/paragraph, which I'm also a big fan of.

So these are my favorite quotes. Today. As Jen said in her post, ask me next week, and they will be different!

I am also excessively grateful to be with family tonight. Spending time with my brother and family is a favorite of mine, and it's been toooooo long. Looking forward to some of our traditions (football for boys, shopping and Indian food for Kim and I), quiet time, naps, walks, movies, food... all the good stuff.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, full of all the good stuff you enjoy!

Jen and I (and now my mom and Lisa too!) are blog challenging throughout September. You can catch her blog over at Stuff Jen Says. If you want to write along with us, give me a shout and I'll send you the blog prompts.

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