Sunday, March 8, 2009

The many moods of Seth

It's been awhile since we first fiddled around with the superhero site Hero Factory, but I've been meaning to post some fun superheroes that have popped up around our place... Seth has conceived many different iterations...

Some days I think that is a very apt title... (love the green!)

This one fits too; he can be quite angelic...

I think this is how he'd like to see himself! Very strong and capable!

And then Grandma had to weigh in while she was visiting...

And good friend Margie sent over a little nugget as well. We couldn't help but have a good chuckle at her fur-lined cape and especially colorful name!

Last but not least is the husband's fun take! Methinks "courageous" and "Jedi" sound just about right!


  1. That is SO cool!!! I love that song they have on there too. It's from footlose and I used to dance around to it with full abandon when I was in junior high.

  2. Your Jedi has a Superman/Clark Kent vibe, for sure--much more dignified than my pimp-self. I like Seth's angel hero. Kind of a snow angel. (I do wish I had my hero's flat stomach!)

  3. I don't think the stomach is so much flat as there is some strange arch to all the female superheroes' backs. Funky stance.


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