Thursday, March 12, 2009

I find this troubling

It's been quite the week. Pretty quite on the blog-front. What with the whole daylight-savings-dark-morning funk, too much to do on all fronts and not enough verve or pep (yes, I know, normal people just call it "energy") to get it all done, I've been a little undone. Being around me hasn't exactly been a thrill-a-minute...

Not to mention we've been eating down the pantry (but the boys haven't noticed!), so what fun is there in blogging about that? (You wouldn't believe some of the slapped together meals that have been taking place around here. Today for lunch I had some leftover fried grits and a yogurt. Whoo-hoo. But tomorrow there WILL be grocery shopping. I need my coffee creamer! And cheese. And apples. And bananas. The list will be long.)

Well, to top it off, apparently figs are an abomination and doom nations. I might as well just end it now. I am quite curious where exactly a flier like this would get handed out? But I'll leave that to your fertile minds... (click here for a more readable version complete with chapter and verse!)

And wish me luck on that gratitude list this week. I'm sensing a short one...


  1. I suspect the "God Hates Figs" flier is handed out as a mocking parody of the fliers the Westboro Baptist Church distributes (even more troubling...).

  2. Oh my, that didn't even occur to me. Here I thought it was just a fig hater... you're probably right. Silly me. Sad other people.


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