Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

OK, enough with the grumpiness already. Time for a little dose of the "suck it up, zip it, snap out of it" medicine. That... and a little gratefulness...

This week I'm grateful for:
* Quiet. I think I take for granted this very peaceful setting we live in. It is simply the most peaceful spot I know of, many days.

* The pheasants the wander the fields. We have pheasants and hawks aplenty. You'd think the gopher population wouldn't be so high, but we have very agile and clever gophers apparently. I'm not so grateful for them...

* Some very good laughs this week. Seth and I have been playing rock, paper, scissors on the way to school (yes, I can hear you all thinking I don't drive safely, but I do!) and for some reason it is just really funny. We both think we can "crack" the other's pattern... but he'll never crack mine!

* The male bonding time with the Wii. Good times I hear about later... whipping each other at bowling, tennis, boxing... I am very grateful for that bond.

* The opportunity to be exposed to a new hobby this week... too soon to spill the beans as there's a surprise element to it, but I had previously poo-pooed this activity, and was pleasantly surprised to a bit of fun in it. How's that for pathetically vague? Sorry.

* The longer evenings, which have been lovely and really can tease one toward springtime... looking forward to warmth accompanying the sunlight. I know, there's no pleasing the lady this week!

* As always, I am so grateful for the creative spark that seems to be in most of us, that burbles out in such beautiful ways from some in particular. I found this beautiful, fun blog this week, and another a few weeks back with gardening/food as a theme, and then this one on just gardening (in the UK!), and yet another one that is more food/poetry... I just love that creative spark that keeps ideas and thoughts moving, new ways to see things, new ways to do things... I could thumb through for hours! Or stumble!

* Health, health, health, so grateful for health. I know this is basically asking for the gods of colds and flues to visit again, but I am so glad that we are all better and doing well. There is a lot of illness near and far, and my heart is with a sick aunty in Roseburg right now, hoping she gets better. You are in our prayers, dear aunty!

* A purple pedicure. And a good friend to visit with during... this one took a while. Not the most efficient operation, but a good way to kick off the weekend.


  1. Love the purple! Gorgeous piggies!

  2. Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your blog and that I've added you to my favorites on my site! :)

  3. I also wrote a little something in yesterday's post about your blog. Check it out!


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