Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy day

I got up this morning, bright and early, and ready to go. Lovely husband offered to drive me out to the airport, and when we looked out the window.... there was more of the white stuff! Wow. Apologies to Aunty MJ for any perceived springtime snobbery in our phone conversation yesterday... obviously the weather gods were listening and thought, "Let's teach her a thing or two! Spring is not as close as Sher wants!" Alas.

So between mechanical issues, plowing the runway (seriously!), and de-icing the plane, I completely lost my 1.5-hour layover in Seattle. Upon landing I sprang from my seat (you're getting the mental image here, right?) and flew through the airport. Well, lumbered, anyway... I panted up to the empty gate at 9:40... departure time was 9:38. Sniff.

OK, so you don't need details on the whole day. Suffice it to say that I got rebooked and made it to San Luis Obispo at my original time (more sprinting through the SF airport to make up for lost time). Whew. Happy I'm here safe and sound, and there are fresh local strawberries abounding! We made a very happy supper of hummus and flatbread and these amazing Asian peanut chicken meatball skewers left over from C's shindig last night, and strawberries, strawberries, strawberries!

Oh, and this is the view where I am now! Viva la See Canyon!

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  1. like a before and after photo of your day. nice!


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