Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

There are many things to be grateful for this week, tis true. I just love how a little daylight and sunshine add perspective to my outlook. Same world, different view. Whew.

* I'm grateful for my guys, always, through thick and thin.

* I'm grateful that winter colds are almost done. Note the almost. Little guy (makes him sound 6!) called from the nurses office over lunch time and was ready to come home. Music to my ears, though I'm sorry he's all snuffly again. Got him quickly tucked in with a book and apple slices (I always doubt MAJOR sickness when he's got an appetite... just sayin') and things are looking up.

* It's been a long week for both husband and I, so I'm ever-so-grateful for a weekend with peace and quiet and a pause for rest. Doesn't feel right to call it the "weekend cave" with the springyness and all... I need to come up with an alternative to "cave." Any ideas?

*I am grateful for Google. I know, that may sound a little odd. But the truth is, I don't know what I'd do without Google anymore. When I want to know something, it's simply the search engine I go to, every time. And I am in love with their super-creative logo collection. I am always tickled when I open up the Google search page and there's a clever workmark to greet me. Always. I have decided that being a Google logo maker would be the coolest job, ever. What fun! I want to meet the lucky person who has that job!

Classic example for today, first day of spring:

Here's how Dr. Suess's birthday was celebrated:

And Valentine's Day 2008. How sweet. That's how bent-over I feel somedays, lately!

*I'm grateful for green. The week started green (St. Patrick's Day) and ended green (yard). I am happy, like a clam. A green clam. Even though you can now see all the streaks on my windows because the sun is shining through them, I'm happy! (Even came home from work and changed into a green Tshirt. I know, shocking.)

* I'm grateful for chopped salad and deviled eggs. Below is my spring supper! Yum. And there's asparagus (that didn't have to fly in from Chile!) in the fridge for future fun meals. I made butternut squash pizza a few weeks back and had every intention of posting about it, but I am just so over the winter vegetables I haven't really been in the mood. The pizza was yummy, but just kind of "last-Thanksgiving." Not fun for March... sad, but true. Time to move on to summer eating! Fresh, grown 50 yards away (our garden) or maybe an acre or two further...

This could truly be called the "fridge salad"--whatever is fresh, chop chop chop and voila!

* I'm grateful for friends and family, near and far. For old friends and new-ish friends and yet unborn friends. Friends you've had so long they're like family. And luckily for me, family that are near and dear as friends.

* I'm grateful for the abilty to cry. Not every day, but as needed. I know this is going to make me sound koo-koo for cocoapuffs, but it's true. I find having a "moment" to myself (no need to inflict this on anyone else, I do have my dignity!) is a really good thing. Who needs therapy? I used to think that gal on Broadcast News was nuts. Now I know better! Or, wait, maybe I'm just nuts too...!

* I'm very grateful that I can hear birds chirping out the window, and not much else. I love the tranquility of our setting.

Chirp chirp. Happy weekend!


  1. big hug. i am sorry that there may have been a need to cry. but i do relate to the soothing-ness of a good all out bawl once in a while. the closet floor is a fine place for this.

    you are loved, dear sis!

  2. See, I knew it would get taken like that... it's not a bad thing, the boo-hooing... and nothing too long and drawn out. Just good, therapeutic, ready to move on! You know me!!

  3. i'm there! oh the sweet catharsis of a lovely little well up, a sniffle, doggies coming to see what is the matter, and then a kleenex blow and all is right. I compare it to a little rain shower, the sun is still shining - but after the shower everything sparkles and smells wonderful! you go girl!


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