Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

So good to be in this place, in this week! Still have more to do that I should, prior to leaving for sunny San Luis Obispo early Sunday a.m., but it is what it is, and some stuff will have to wait until I'm back, I guess.

But this week, as always, I am so very grateful. Especially for:

* My husband, who is supportive in every way. I appreciate him!

* My son, who is so lovingly stumbling his way towards adolescence. The fact that he was on his way out of a hug with me when a major spill of blueberry smoothie took place this week brings a smile to my face. Now. It didn't at the time. Yikes. Just ask the boys...

* Stain remover, especially Oxy Deep by Woolite. Can I just say I wasn't sure the blueberry smoothie was going to come out, ever... but it did! I am especially grateful to whomever it is that engineered carpet fibers to repel stains.

* My sweet sweet little Bissell carpet cleaner. What a friend we have in Bissell. Aren't you just shocked that it's called the "Little Green?"

* Spring weather. We are well and truly in the springtime, even if a few chilly chilly breezes this week did bring back winter memories...

* A lovely sister-in-law who celebrated a birthday this week. We had a fun little family party complete with the first strawberries of the season. Yeah for birthdays and berries!

* Another lovely SIL who is a bucket of encouragement as we both navigate toward a world with more exercise and healthier families! We will do it! Yes we will!

* Girlfriend lunches to round out the week--sushi on Monday, steak salad at TMacs on Friday. Good way to start and end the week!

* For things to look forward to--time with dear friend C, a catch-up dinner with J in SF, and then back home and up to Canada for Grandma's 90th. Wow. A full week.

* Color. While I feel like pale-white-girl when I put color on right now (I need some of those California rays) I search for it everywhere else... here's a great web site I found (you'd love this one, Mom) Daily Color Scheme, where you can subscribe and a new color palette comes to you every day. I also found this quite fun crafty blog, Don't Look Now, with color all over the place. Makes me want to quilt, the fabrics look so fun. And then there's this little project (now complete), The Daily Card. Just love the creativity!

* Music to match the sunny days... this song is one that the young lad and I belted out on the way to school/work this morning. Catchy.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend! May it be long enough to relax and chill, and not too long (hmmm, are they ever too long?) to make you forget "that thing you do" Monday through Friday. Alas.


  1. *sigh*
    I just really enjoy your sharing your gratitue. Reminds me to think of my own! Thank you for being you. You rock.

  2. oh, i love that comment above from sara! i totally feel the same way. you, my dear, are MY "bucket of encouragement"...these things are a two way street.

    the color scheme site looks very cool!! and quirkly little video.

  3. I liked the song. Your posts are always so lovely.

    You do grateful really well! :)


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