Saturday, March 28, 2009

UPDATED: Future files: A little somethin' somethin' for my coffee

OK, this one is not so far off in the future. I just read an interesting tidbit about condensed milk and am now about ready to pillage the kitchen in search of a can...

Take a look at the article on Serious Eats (I swear, I do read other food blogs, but they've been holding my interest a lot lately): What to do with condensed milk? Aside from many wonderful sounding uses for this ingredient in ethnic baking, I was most struck by the writer's everyday use of it in coffee.

I have been floundering around trying to figure out a great, tasty way to sweeten my coffee without the help of high fructose corn syrup. I know, there is all kinds of controversy currently pinging about the internet calling into question the latest flogging of an ingredient and many are saying what's the dif between HFCS and sugar? I'll leave that for you, dear reader, to investigate...

But, I did make the decision a couple of months back to forego my hazelnut creamer in favor of something that is REAL: cream, or soy milk/cream. And, frankly, it hasn't been doing it for me. My tastebuds have been ruined by the devil, and the devil's name is Carnation Coffee-Mate.

So, I feel like I've been thrown a lifeline. A caffeinated lifeline, if you will (could there be a better kind?). I have no idea if the pantry still holds a can of the stuff, as I usually only stock it for holiday baking. But I probably have a little left over... tomorrow a.m. finds me up very early and on my merry way to California, so I will brew a little coffee and give it a whirl. And I'll keep you posted!

UPDATED: OK, so it works. It's not the home run I was hoping for, but it's sweet and does the trick at least three-quarters of the way. I had to add a touch of actual cream to lighten the color--for some reason, color of coffee matters a great deal to me... I know, I know. Anyway, I may try it again, but I will probably actually look at the nutrition facts on the stuff before doing so. This morning, making coffee at 5 a.m., not so much looky at nutrition, me.

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  1. similar experience as you, so ended up on half and half...even full blown heavy whipping cream in my coffee (yeah, hence my current wardrobe "situation"). back to the soy creamer now, because was starting to feel yucky from dairy that early in am. not sure condensed milk would help me there, but i am curious about the taste. good luck with that (happy for you to be the guinea pig here).


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