Monday, March 2, 2009

Grateful schmateful

Apparently there were locations around the Pacific Northwest that had sunshine today. I heard rumors (you know who you are with your annoying Facebook updates about sun and joy and happiness).

We had sunshine in Walla Walla too. It lasted from 7:07 a.m. to 7:12 a.m. I was warned that the fog would not stay "burned off" as I hoped for those five beautiful minutes. Husband is generally correct about such things. Sure enough, it socked back up immediately and went on to rain throughout the day. Oh joy.

For more of the creative joy of the card above, see A Beautiful Revolution.


  1. It is all kinds of wrong that I enjoyed this post so very much, especially the title. SNARK!

    Also, I hope your weather improves soon. Rain is forecasted for Portland but right now it's sunny and beautiful.


  2. Me too! I especially liked the reference to the facebook people. LOL.

    OH BTW, the picture of the eggplants below...YUMMMMM.

  3. la la la la...skipidie do dah

    i'm gonna soak up the sun...gonna tell everyone

    (somewhat enjoying our momentary personality role reversals here. does that make me evil?)

  4. Poor little Goober!!! (Ha - do you remember that??) CA is a calling - I'm looking for our hotel in SF right now :) You are flying to the land of endorphins in 25 more days - can't wait!


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