Monday, March 23, 2009

Putting it in perspective

I think I'll need to change my blog banner one of these days... to include that cookie dough cupcake photo! Each time I contemplate writing a new post, I realize it will slide the cupcake photo down, and that just seems wrong. Can just looking at food make you happy? I think so... at least for me!

But, at least I know where to go to see it. Maybe it's just my subconscious saying "Post a pretty food picture every day, Sher." Maybe.

There's a video that's been making its way around online, between Twitter and Facebook and blogs I think I've seen it referenced at least a half-dozen times in the past few weeks. Not sure why, but the embedding has been disabled on Youtube, so you'll have to link to it rather than relax in viewing comfort right here at Sweet Tea and Sunshine. Oh, the effort.

It's a Late Night with Conan O'Brian show and the comedian Louis CK is the guest. He's talking about how everything is amazing, and nobody's happy. Very appropriate some (most) days! I looked high and low for a Louis CK video that I could embed to draw you in (it's all about the marketing with me), but they don't generally fit within my family-friendly-no-4-letter-words rule for the blog. If anyone's going to swear around here, it will be me! Seriously, he's quite funny, just not someone to take to Grandma's for tea... this clip from Conan, though, is fairly tame in the language department; after all, it's network television. Enjoy. Relate.

I was talking with a girlfriend today over shushi lunch about the challenges of housekeeping; with everything else to do in our little universes (work to pay someone else to clean, or clean and save the cash?), housecleaning can fall a little low on the list. But we both have sizeable homes, and the blessing of that space comes with the curse of the dustbunnies. For another perspective, take a look at a project from a remarkable photographer, Michael Wolf. He did a photographic study in 2006 of 100 apartments in Hong Kong that are all 100 square feet. It will make you grateful for your space, I do believe. It's one of those humbling moments.


  1. Great post. I love that video. I laughed out loud when I saw it. He is so right. We get such a sense of entitlement with each new technology that enters our life.

  2. ..."will you give it a minute, it has to go to space"...i was on the floor.


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