Saturday, May 22, 2010

Remembering: NYC trip June 2005

Five years ago, Seth and I took a trip to NYC. Just the two of us, we hit the spots I'd always wanted to show him once he was a bit older (there were quite a few trips when he was a baby and toddler). And a few food joints I always like to check out too. Naturally.

Today I was fiddling around with Picasa, and found an old folder with these pictures in them. I was struck by how sweet and innocent Seth looks, and it brought back many happy memories of the trip.

Clockwise from upper left: Police/security at Ground Zero, seals at Central Park Zoo, Seth in front of a 'wichcraft kiosk that was soon to open, rowing at the Pond in Central Park, the subway, us at the Statue of Liberty, Seth walking the Brooklyn Bridge, the Pond again, and Seth chuggin' water to stay cool. And of course, in the middle it's us. I remember remarking to myself a couple of times on that trip that God had given me exactly the right child for me. He might not be perfect for other parents, but to me he's generally been easy to understand and get along with, and if moments of annoyance come, they also pass pretty quickly. (Remind me of this the next couple of years, OK? We're just hiking down the trail to 14...)

Anyway, it was really an ideal trip. When I tried to broach the idea of an NYC trip again a couple of years ago, he poo-pooed the idea; we'd already done it, in his eyes, and this time he was worried about crime. Who knows where that came from.

We've had plenty of great family trips since then, but this one stands out to me as special since it was the last one we had with me as a single mom (husband-to-be [at the time] got us a-mazing plane tickets and we felt spoiled entirely), and it was to one of my favorite destinations EVER. I made him eat at 'wichcraft, we got supplies at Dean&DeLuca, had brunch at Sarabeth's... the one thing I don't think I inflicted on him was the French Culinary Institute, which is one of my all-time musts. But we did see Stomp and the Museum of Natural History too, and he had his first Indian meal. Oh the joys. Thanks for meandering down memory lane with me.

P.S. By all means check out Picasa. A pretty cool photo tool, but you probably already know all about it. It's a Google tool. Need I say more?


  1. What wonderful memories. You have a great relationship with the boy. Your influence will be felt forever with him. Bless you.

  2. Aww, that looks like a great trip! Good luck as you get solidly sucked into the teenage years ...


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