Monday, May 31, 2010

Bits of My Weekend: Volume 14

The weekend's not quite over, but I'm going to blog about the biggest chunk of it, my all-girl time on Whidbey Island. A dear friend is getting married in August, so this was our pre-function function. And what a good time was had by all, truly. Pouring rain? Who cares. Eleven ladies, chatty types all, from different times and places in the bride's life... in a big old house on the water... fabulous.

This was the view out the kitchen window. Love that barn!

The house, called Marty's Place. A lovely home with lots of nooks and crannies for eating, talking, watching movies...

The weekend was all about love. And Kate. And Tony (the groom), even though he never made an appearance other than some sweet cards for Kate and a little good-natured question answering for a non-game we played.

Wet wet wet.

The first night, I got in late (plane issues, long story), after dinner. Luckily they left me some of Megan's amazing lasagna, which I had been looking forward to all day! We all sat around chatting and telling stories about when we first met the bride... there were some pretty humorous tales shared. We finally all shuffled off to bed around 2 a.m. (I haven't been up that late in a long time!)

Heather, the early riser, was up and making breakfast the next morning--after a quick run to town for coffee!

 She whipped up Dutch Babies. I have been meaning to try these, and she made it look really quick and easy. They were delicious! I think my favorite was with lemon and powered sugar. Yum.

Even though it was raining, we ventured out to town, where the color compelled me to take pictures.

We all went glass-blowing in the old fire station.

I got into the action, making husband a paperweight.

And admired all the fun yard ornaments available to purchase...

 Sabrina, who organized the weekend (and did a great job at it!), got into the glass blowing too.

All the glittery colors we could use to make our glass pieces. I went with blue (for husband), not green. Aren't you proud of me?

The bride-to-be's pretty red shoes.

A little wandering took us to a small market, with tiny zucchini. Tiny, expensive zucchini.

And very precious morels, as well.

Megan and Danielle posing dutifully.

A massive climbing hydrangea. So pretty. Must be the excess rain that makes everything grow so big on the island!

Saturday night I made dinner for the group; I dug out some old favorites of roast tenderloin with port sauce, ricotta gnocchi with corn and basil cream sauce and some roasted portabello mushrooms, roasted asparagus and green salad with berries, hazelnuts and chevre. I didn't take any pictures that turned out particularly well, but our tummies were quite happy as we followed dinner up with cupcakes from Wink Cupcakes and Trophy Cupcakes, as well as a cake styled after Kate and Tony's save-the-date card, and Whidbey Island ice creams (cardamom rocked!). No shortage of wonderful eats!

After dinner we did some showering of the bride, complete with bows and tiaras from the wrapping.

 Laura and Natasha, sensing the camera is out again...

Maggie, Simona (Kate's soon-to-deliver sister-in-law) and Jenn, watching the present-opening action.

The next morning was less rainy, so I went out looking to see what was blooming. The rhododenron bushes over the neighbor's fence were huge! Like trees, I swear.

 Kate and her childhood friend, Natasha. We got some good stories from Natasha... Fun to meet someone who knew Kate way back when!

The Walla Walla contingent (we still count Kate among us!) flashing our "W" gang signs. That pink shirt makes me look slightly pregnant--no, I'm not. Just clarifying. May edit that outfit in the future...

Megan and I drove home Sunday afternoon, after stopping for an appropriate matinee in Seattle--Sex in the City 2! The whole weekend was a blast--fabulous to have met some lovely ladies, made some new friends and shared in this event for Kate! I'm honored to have been a part of it. 

And now, so glad to get an extra day with husband before the work week piles on again!

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  1. Sherilee, a truly lovely weekend (that you captured oh so well--well, the PG version!). Thank you for the wonderful meal and I'm so happy to call you a friend...cheers to Walla Walla! See you in August.

  2. *Just lurking!*

    A wonderful weekend at a wonderful place with good friends...Sounds lovely!

    --Susan M

  3. What a precious thing...friendship with good women/spending time with other good women/ knowing how to honor other women...verylovely.

  4. What a great weekend. It was good that you could get away with friends and have a good visit. Great fun!

  5. Love your blog! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend as well. I love what you did with the glass. So fun :-) Thanks for the comment.

  6. your weekend looks amazing!
    beautiful photographs!

  7. Love the pictures!! Looks like you had fun! That house is beautiful!

  8. This was fun to read. And now I'm hungry...

  9. beautiful place. Looks like you had a great time. Hope you had a great rest of the week and an even better weekend :)


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