Sunday, May 2, 2010

Only thing missing today is the sunshine...

It's been a beautiful (though not particularly sunny), productive day. The house is clean, we've done a few errands, pizza's in the belly and now I need to go plant a couple of pots and RE-plant a couple of tomato plants that Ruby saw fit to dig up earlier this week... hopefully these ones will "stick." (I will be making it very difficult for her to even approach the plants, so I say, have at it, Rubes. Give it a whirl!)

Meantime, just wanted to share a quote and a picture for your Sunday. The bleeding hearts always remind me of my Grandma Goerlitz; I believe it was in her yard I first remember seeing them. As a child I thought them a fussy and sentimental flower. These days, sentimental is just fine with me and what I once saw as fussy I now see as delicate and ladylike. I love how perspective changes with time...

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