Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bits of My Weekend: Volume 13

This one's getting posted Sunday night! The week coming up promises to be full-to-overflowing, so I'm going to grab this moment while I've got it.

A pretty "usual" weekend for the times when it's just the two of us... but maybe a bit more mellow as I was recovering from my wrenched little back. OK, so you've heard enough about that. I get it. It's all better now. Happy? Yeah, me too.

As you can see, things have been growing and greening up, even without a lot of sunshine this week...

Not quite picnic weather, but we soldiered on anyway--had our first potato salad of the season, first hot dogs. Quite lovely.

Husband called his aunt in North Carolina to wish her a happy birthday while I sat in our living room and snapped pictures. Very active, yes indeed. This is one of my favorite pillows, with all kinds of Canada stuff on it.

And part of our glassybaby collection... these ones were at our wedding reception. Fond memories.

Every once in awhile I contemplate playing this colorful version of sudoku, but then I think, why mess up the pretty little marbles? This is NOT how the game is supposed to look...

What would a weekend catch-up be without a look at what's blooming? The clematis has burst into color this week!

And the peonies are pretty much all open now. So beautiful and such a short season. Sigh.

The English roses have started to bloom. These are my favorites.

And the mock orange that I moved last year is doing pretty well in its new location, though I often forget to water it...

How stunning is this picture of Ruby? By stunning, I mean still. This is a rare sight indeed. Gives me hope for the future. Calm dog? Maybe...

Sunday we went over to the Tri-Cities and of course has to wander Barnes and Noble... I am always struck by how very many cookbooks there are, and how many end up in the cheap-o book-o section. I am proud to say I didn't buy any new cookbooks! That's an achievement, eh?

I had to laugh at this book. If you need to buy this book, I think it's a sign. It's also a sign that it's in the bargain section...

We went to Target too, and I was looking for a belated birthday card for a girlfriend, and saw this section. I did not know there was a section for "after a difficult year." What a hoot. I think the section should be bigger, though. I think there was only one or two cards there, and I know more than one or two people who could use these cards, sadly (and I've been one of them too)! But it was worth a chuckle.

It was a good weekend. Best of all, it felt like a weekend--rest and recovery from the week, and energy to start the new one! It promises to be a full one for everyone in our house, so wish us luck and off we go...

For more Weekend Bits, go here. Michelle has been doing this for 13 weeks now, and I am happy to have joined from the very first week. Started on a whim, now it's practically tradition! You could start too, you know...


  1. Love love LOVE that pic of Ruby! What a pretty girl!

    I also love the idea of the giggles that come out of you before you take photos in stores. :)

  2. Wow, your backyard/garden is so beautiful! :)

  3. Your flowers look wonderful! Huge! and so beautiful.

    It's about taking photos in stores! Nothing is safe, eh?

    The dificult times card reminded me of the difficult time when your mother and I went to Orchard Park just to browse around. We were really in a crunch, so when we went into the Hallmark card shop, I showed your mom my favorite Valentine card and said, "This is the card I would buy for you if I had the money." ...and she did the same.

  4. Your glassbaby collection is very impressive. I own one (a gift) and I have decided it is lonely :)


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