Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

What a quick week. Feels like I was just sitting here writing this list last night--not a whole week ago. And knowing that next week will whooooosh by as well... yikes. It's a good time to pause and be thankful. [Insert deep breath.]

I am very thankful that my back pain has dissipated substantially. I'm not 100%, but much, much improved. A good night's sleep helped too, and I'm sure I'll be that much better after another full night of dreamin'.

I'm thankful for a sense of humor, even when I'm in the fetal position on the basement floor wondering how I'm going to get up and to the bathroom. I AM glad, though, that there aren't any hidden cameras in the basement, as my mother suggested might be a good (funny) idea. Um, no.

I'm thankful for my hot pad. I was looking at that old thing, realizing I think I've had it since college, at least. Could even be my childhood hot pad has followed me through the decades. I love that thing.

I'm grateful for the kind of life and schedule that allows for time with my mother-in-law, time with my husband, time with my son, time with friends. Time is such a wonderful thing, so slippery at times, but such a gift.

I'm so thankful that people have people. When there are sad times or times when a little extra support is needed, networks and communities (close friends or just acquaintances) step in to fill the gaps. That's a very good thing. I see examples every day where people reach out to others and it warms my heart. (Isn't that friendship cloth above a great idea? I might give that a try some Christmas, or Easter, or family reunion-time...)  

I'm grateful to have people. Very.

I'm thankful for clever ideas and a wonderful access to them. Aren't these colorful chocolate spoons so much fun? I think the idea is to stir these in your cocoa? Or milk to make cocoa? Or just to have like lollipops? Any way you want them. Yum.

I'm grateful for soft socks that keep my feet warm. Spa socks, we call them around here. Last few nights they have been helpful!

I'm grateful for IM technology, and little chats with my boy. Texts are pretty great too. The sweet "hope your back is better" texts... I'm sure they helped in the healing. I KNOW they helped in the healing.

I'm grateful for husband and his thoughtful ways.

I'm grateful for fertilizer that take the less-green parts of the lawn and blends them with the overly-green parts of the lawn so it all looks a little more, you know, green.

And the rain! I'm grateful for the rain. I won't be grateful for the weeds when the wet dissipates, but I am thankful for the moisture. Even when it was coming down as hail, ever so briefly, yesterday. (Don't you just love that piggy in boots? That's how I feel in the yard right now!)

And, of course, I'm thankful for music. Every. Single. Day. This particular video goes out to Seth, who thinks Rick Rolling is rather hilarious. Who knew a one-hit wonder from my youth would come to be a cult-hit from his? Makes me laugh.

And for words. Check out Bill Murray reading poetry to the construction workers at The Poet's House as it was being built in Battery Park, NYC. The looks on their faces... priceless!

And for sweet puppies I am always grateful. I have always had a weak spot for corgis, too...

I'm grateful for the weekend to have arrived exactly when it did, for the rest and relaxation it will bring so that we can go zoom zoom into another week. 

May you have pause before zoom zoom too! Peace.


  1. Corgi butt! I love it! I mean, the dance was really cute, but the butt view at the beginning... it made my day. :)

  2. I see a corgi in your future...

  3. I love your grateful moments. The subway singers made me laugh out loud. THANK YOU!

  4. that subway scene...oh man does it take me back...good ole nyc...the people around the singers are so non-plused ;-)


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