Monday, May 3, 2010

Bits of My Weekend: Volume 10

It wasn't a particularly exciting weekend. I think the weather says it all...

I went out the the garden and replaced the tomato plants that Ruby dug up last week... the garden whispered in its little garden voice, "Please send sun!"

Inside, I resorted to things like changing out the dining room table display. I guess Easter IS over. But I found a way to retain  my green mossy orbs. (Green mossy balls just seemed wrong to say. Oops.)

I contemplated making banana bread but never got around to it...

Sunday the sun came out for a few minutes. I had to capture that! And in the sunshine, I cleaned... and cleaned... and then cleaned some more. It was needed.

Did a few errands.

Did a negligible amount of baking.

And skimmed through my new Martha books. Oh, the crafting! These books will be very handy.

All the pots got planted, but now they need a bit more sun...

I do like all the shades of green right now, with bright spots of color!

Oh, and I changed my blog header yet again... looking for that sunshine, wherever I can find it!
Now, off to the week ahead...

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  1. Love your new blog header! So springy- It makes me happy!
    Our weekend was beautiful, but today is rainy :-( I'm trying to find the sun.

  2. We were supposed to have thunderstorms, but we never got them. We really needed the rain too. Oh well!

    Sounds like you had a good weekend!

    Have a great day!


  3. What a lovely weekend...we had wild, and I mean wild wind again last night and again this morning. Now it is calm and the sky is deciding whether it wants to cry or maybe not!

  4. am loving your new fresh and bright header picture! lovely!

  5. I really like the shot of the green mossy orbs. Your new header looks great as well.


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