Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday 13: I have a teenager!

October 1, 1996, was a great day, because it brought Seth in to the world.

As I wondered how to appropriately mark his special day here on my blog, I realized that it's Thursday, AND that he's turning 13... It seemed appropriate to do a Thursday 13.

To be up front, the inspiration for this comes from Jen's blog: Stuff Jen Says. And as Seth recently remarked: "Jen says some pretty good stuff." She in turn was inspired by Wallace Stevens' poem, 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. I remember this poem from college, and Seth and I even attempted to memorize it together a few years back. For some reason I have always thought fondly of this poem.

Thirteen ways of looking at Seth

Among the children I know
There is one with cheer beyond many,
His name is Seth.

There are two sides
Of a grilled cheese,
The favored sandwich of Seth.

Seth persists at cross-country.
This is wonderful; his run times improve!

Seth and his computer
Are one.
Seth and his computer and Line Rider
Are one.

Seth is not sure which he prefers,
The sarcasm of Calvin or
The wit of Far Side.
But he does know that he prefers
Get Fuzzy to either of them.

We settle in for another season
Full of dancing and music (SYTYCD).
Seth awaits another popper or beat boy
To dominate and make it through
To the top 10.

O why do I have so many chores?
Cries out Seth, as he heads
Down the driveway with the trash.
Can’t you see I have a full schedule
Of homework and computer time?

Seth knows the value of x,
And he knows the value of y.
But he knows, too,
That he needs to show all of his work
To get an A.

When Mom calls out, “I mean really brush your teeth!”
Seth is shocked.
Does she have eyes in the back of her head?

As the Wii remote
Runs out of batteries,
Seth is frustrated. Why can’t
He play MarioKart all night?

Seth’s basketball shoes are ready,
Primed for another season.
Soon he’ll be hitting it
From the 3-point line,
Loving the swoosh.

The music is loud.
Seth must have Owl City blaring.

It’s been a quick thirteen years.
There is great joy.
There will be more joy (and probably tears).
We are so very blessed
To have such a son.

Cross-country skiing, 7 years old.

Walking me down the aisle, 9 years old

At Grandma and Grandpa's on Mayne Island, B.C., 6 years old

Probably watching the National Geographic panda video, about a year old.

In NYC, 8 months old.
For other folks who play Thursday 13, go here.
Hope you have a great Thursday! Happy TT.


  1. oh great. thanks. get me all weepy on a day i'm trying so hard to be straight and productive.

    seth, we love you so so so much!!!

    sher, this is wonderful. i particularly like IX.

    hugs to you all from over those of us over the hills.

  2. I LOVE this! Way better than mine, in large part because you got through the whole thing without calling a kid an a-hole. :)

    Huge, very happy birthday wishes to Seth today! And congratulations to a mom who's done such a great job!


  3. What a great bday tribute! Happy Birthday Seth :-)

  4. 13 years--can that be so? You could annoy Seth, as I do Katie, and declare his birthday the anniversary of your motherhood. Happy anniversary to a fabulous mother! I know you think you're lucky to have Seth, and you are, but he's SO lucky to have a mom who cares so deeply and enjoys him so much.

    Happy Birthday, Seth! I remember the day you were born--a pretty great day that was.


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