Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

What a long week. No other way to say it. Long long long. Did you get that? Loooong.

But here we are, already dusky, dark, quiet on a Friday night. Time to chill, relax and reflect on the week. And be grateful.

*The greatest grateful moment this week is that husband is home safe and sound from being on the road for 10 days. Ten days! That's about nine days too long, in my humble opinion. Part of the week feeling so long is that I haven't slept really well with husband gone--not his fault, I just tend to stay up late doing nothing. Thus, I've been fighting some little nonsense as a result of bad sleep, which makes for a long week. Good thing he's home so I can have my precious sleep!!

*Also very grateful for Seth's birthday, for a lovely little birthday morning, full of phone calls and emails and pop-bys from the sweet auntie down the road. He went off to school feeling very loved, I do believe. Below is the young man, headed out to school on his big day.

*Rain came down today, and that made me thankful. It was followed by some beautiful afternoon sunshine, which was fine, but I'm ready for rain. Lots of rain. Beautiful rain.

*Quiet mornings. A couple of mornings this week I actually came back from dropping Seth at school and was able to discipline myself enough to get some reading and writing done. It was quite blissful and set me up for the rest of the day. Those were my most productive days. Must remember that when I'm scheduling things left and right.

*Crafty time. I finally took the sewing class I've been waiting for, on hand-stitched applique. It was fun--been awhile since I've had three hours just FLY by like that. Met a few lovely ladies--one taking the class with me, one teaching, and another who was just in the room with us sewing various projects. I get how addictive the whole process could be... and now just need to carry on from home! Side note: must keep organized. Right now my crafty space is quite overflowing and needs a bit of whipping into shape...

*Girl time. Had some lovely friend interactions this week, lunches and movies out and just chats with tea. Thankful, thankful.

*Stories. Love a good story. Looking forward to cracking open some new books soon. Also, finally saw Julie & Julia last night (on its very last night in town, talk about cutting it close!) and really enjoyed it. It was what I expected in many ways, but the love story aspect of it was more touching and lovely than I anticipated. I'm contemplating writing my own little review of it... we'll see. I did just adore Meryl. How's that for stating the obvious?!

*Very grateful for the weekend. For rest and peace and a couple of days on the down-low, before we're up and at it again.

Peace out! Happy weekend, everyone.

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