Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

So I put a plea out on Facebook this week to anyone with the ability to work on the concept of slowing down time... all I got back were people in the same boat, wanting more time too... so at least I know I'm not alone. Where does time go? And does it (time) feel as rushed as I do? Time as it's own entity. Feeling pulled in many directions... Ponder.

The house is quiet, my heart is full. The men are here, both of them, and that is very very good.

This week I'm grateful for:
*Fall. Rain! Inside days. Mmmm. Won't be missing the yard work for a few months, I can tell you that!!

*Friends. Coffee. Lunches. Chatting while cheering the kids at xcountry. Great conversation! Even heard a good business idea this week. I hope that one takes off!!

*Color. See the tree? We love that tree. That's my view as I write. Lovely.

*Butternut squash. I feel virtuous just eating it. And happy. Just need it roasted with olive oil, a little salt, a little pepper and we're all good. Thinking of making a butternut squash lasagna with bechemel... that should take care of any virtuous feelings, don't you think?!

*Apples. I'll be singing the praises of this current crop for some time. Hallelujah for the crisp bite! With popcorn, if possible.

*Family. My sister-in-law and the coffees she makes me (note the plural... some mornings are like that). I so appreciate you, Kim. My brother and his wonderful fathering of my sweet neices (his movie reviews aren't bad, either). And the great great hugs from the neices too... Thanks for a wonderful visit last weekend.

*Husband and all he takes on for our family. Someone told me this week that my husband needed to "lighten up, man. Don't be so serious." Hmmm. Wonder how I responded to that? There's a head rolling down Main Street, Walla Walla. Well, not quite. Almost. I am very protective, doh. Walk a mile, dude. Walk a mile.

*Son. Don't the words "Love you more" just make your heart melt? Yup. Me too.

*Hot tub. This is the perfect weather for getting in and getting out. Later in the season I'll just be begging to have the lid put down over me and I'll stay in the tub for the night... but right now, ah, bliss.

*The fireplace. A great little gathering spot for our family worships and family chats, and family singing (you really DON'T want to hear that!). Cozy. I'm already looking forward to the tree being up and lit and relaxing by the fire and the tree... see, I'm rushing time. It's only October... but blink and November will be gone.

*Nuts. Sometimes I forget about nuts. But then I eat some and remember how very much I like them! And then I eat more. And more. And then they're all gone. Yes, moderation is hard with nuts...

*Sweaters! Jeans! Boots! All the good costumes of fall. Love it.
A friend sent me this in an email this week:

I'm not admitting anything, just saying it made me smile.
Happy weekend!

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  1. that cartoon! so funny.

    your tree and beautiful.

    i really hear you with the walk a mile, thing. understanding (or at least trying to) of the other's situation is just so important.

    happy weekend to you too!


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