Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

So this is my 52nd Friday night grateful moment. I am amazed at how fast this past year has flown by. It has been a good year in many ways, an interesting year from a national and global perspective, of course, but mostly, it's truly been a blessed year, my 40th. Family and friends mostly well, mostly content, mostly employed, mostly happy... Mostly. A good word that covers a multitude of moods.

As you all know, since you're living life on this crazy planet too, some weeks the list can practically write itself. Some weeks I struggle for the right words to convey that between the lines of "sunshine," there can be a few gray clouds. But the practice of gratitude has been transformative for me this past decade or so, and come blue skies or not, I do plan to continue it. The blog may morph and evolve over the coming months, if the number of books I got on quilting and crafting have anything to do with it; and of course there's always my renewed (weekly!) dedication to actually getting my recipes down on "paper." I think I can. I think I can. Or as dear Yoda would say, "Do or do not. There is no try." I've always liked that one...

But this week, the list could write itself:

Who is that boy with his hand on the cream puff pile? This week I'm grateful for Seth and his kind heart and thoughtfulness. He's in the grip of middle school with all its pressures and frustrations, but most days his resilience and courage are right there with him. (That sentence sounds like it's from a Lifetime movie of the week, don't you think? Drama! But that's 7th grade for you.)

I'm grateful to have the time and space in my life to go on field trips
. I always am SO eager to sign up, then there's that middle ground of, "Uh oh, what did I sign up for? HOW many middle schoolers? On WHAT bus? Wah." And then it's all fine and I have flashbacks to my own middle school experience, and thoroughly enjoy talking with his teachers and intereacting with the kids (trying my best not to be THAT mother who embarrasses my child!) and before you know it we're home and it's over. Sigh.
I'm grateful to have a thoughtful husband who makes every day feel like my birthday, really. So when my birthday rolls around? It feels like Christmas.
And apples don't fall far from trees, do they? With husband comes lovely in-laws of the sister and mother type, for whom I am most grateful. All year, not just on birthdays! I am sad that my parents weren't able to come down to surprise me for my birthday as was the plan (was that Plan B or Plan C, Dad?), but I'm grateful they are both well and Mom's flu was a short one. And my lovely birthday song on the answering machine from the Goerlitz Jr.s? Priceless. And all the good wishes from near and far... very thoughtful and appreciated.
Grateful that the fall continues, and winter is at bay (however temporarily). Remember the picture of the red tree I posted last weekend? Tonight the sunset made it look like it was on FIRE. So cool. Of course, I missed getting a snap of it with my camera...
Grateful for good friends, good conversation. I feel entirely blessed to have friends I connect with, to discuss both the important and the mundane with. Afterlife? Check. The Four Agreements? Check. Our aging parents? Check. (No, not you, Mom and Dad. Other parents.) Our growing children? Check. Forgiveness? Check. Great new shoes? Check. Should I get more layers cut into my hair? Check. What are the relative nutritional virtues of sprouts? Check. Should I stop using shampoo with sulfites? Check. I could go on... Whether it's on the phone, skype, facebook or in person, I am lucky to have such friends. Check!
I am grateful, so much, for creativity in all areas of life, from music to written word, from art in all forms to the creativity of problem solving. I love that creativity has no limits except the parameters we put on it, so it's only our pea brains that hold us back. Two new forms of creativity I found this week:
Web site: Let them sing it for you
Magazine: Poetry of food magazine

Here are a couple of guitar geniuses I saw posted on Facebook just this morning: Rodrigo y Gabriela on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Threw the Craig in there just for you, Shelby! They are simply amazing. Had to share.

A blessed weekend to everyone! Wherever it takes you, I hope it is to a place of peace.

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  1. Love the yoda comment. Love it! As always, thank YOU.


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