Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday 13: 13 Things I enjoy about getting older

Today is my birthday and even though it's not one of those "0" ones, it's still another number in the upward direction... As I was standing there having my mammogram this week (which I call my "Happy Birthday to ME moment") it occured to me that there are some really great things about getting older, mixed in with all the not-so-great things. And you know me, I'd rather think about the good stuff.

In no particular order, things I enjoy about getting older:
1. Empathy. That whole "walk a mile" thing? I think it gets better with age.

2. Don't care as much what other people think. Most days. Oh you don't agree. Well, I can live with that.

3. Know more what I think/believe. Of course, maybe my midlife crisis is still waiting to happen (but I think I've had enough blowback from others', thank you very much), but between now and then, it does feel good to have lived enough, made enough mistakes, had enough successes, forgiven and been forgiven... all those things that have helped refine me. It's ongoing, of course, so no one's "arrived" anywhere; just happy in the "journey."

4. Peaking for some of us happens later. I'm convinced I'm better looking than I was in my 20s. (Please don't tell me differently!) Granted, there are more wrinkles and such, but on balance, I'm much happier looking in the mirror post-35. Go figure. Attitude baby, it's all attitude.

5. Appreciate family more. In my younger growing up years, it was so important to differentiate myself from the crowd and be "my own person." As I've gotten older, where I came from and the people who helped me become that "own person" have come to hold a great deal of significance.

6. More interested in my place in the world, history, universe, etc. This relates to the family love, but is a bit bigger in scope.

7. Okay with one more cream puff. Does that need any more explanation? I think not.

8. Actually appreciate health care screenings. I'm the kind of person who likes to know what's what, if at all possible, so things like mammograms and colonoscopies (no, it's not quite time for that yet, but believe me, I'll be signed up when that date rolls around) are right up my alley, so to speak. So glad they exist!

9. "It" really does seem to get better. I know this concept has a cap on it and at some point that won't be true, but I am not in the slightest interested in going backward in time... no revisiting high school or college dreams for me, no way. More like nightmares!

10. Little things mean more. I feel like my ability to slow down has increased over the years, just to stop and smell the flowers, as it were. And I still don't do as much of it as I should...

11. More relaxed. Mostly. I still get cranked about things on occasion, but in general I feel more able to take things one day at a time, hand things over to the universe for safekeeping, trust in God more. All that.

12. Reminiscing. You can't do that when you're young, can you? Every generation has their things to look back on and remember, fondly or not. But it's something that kind of creeps up on you and then once you've sat around after dinner swapping stories, you realize that you're there, you're... old!

13. I ran out. I could only think of 12. If you have something you appreciate about getting older, let me know in the comments!

Meanwhile, I'm off to make those cream puffs! And I'll be fine with more than just another one, or two or three...

Happy Thursday 13! To find more TTs, go here.


  1. Happy Day, Sher! I think you've got them covered in your list...but there has to be one more...

  2. This is hilarious, Kim--I came up with a 13th and it was really a good one. And then I forgot it! Like, completely forgot it... gone. How's that little piece of aging for you? Ha. Maybe it will come back... who can say.

  3. OK, some of the things that 'go' on us are actually is nice when our husbands eyes go. And you will find down the road as you get more of a 'certain age' you will have more time for those things that you really want to do. Time will still be fast but you will be able to squeeze in some activities that you thought would never come...
    I have never bought into the idea that because I was getting older that meant that I would dry up and blow away! No, I believe that I am still meant to move, walk, run and most of all enjoy. If I don't I will dry up and blow away!

  4. It is a very good list...your 13th will come to you in the middle of the night! Thank you for expressing your thoughts so candidly and yet so cheerfully. But that is you.

  5. #13...Forgetfulness. Ok. Maybe not now. But later. It may come in handy.

  6. I think the islander has referred to a possible 13 - perhaps not your 13 but another thing about getting on in our lives - focus - ability to focus on what's important to us, ability to focus on what we need, what we want... don't know if we are given more time to do these things or we take more time to do these things. and as Kim has appropriately alluded to - perhaps we have just forgotten what those other things that we did were...


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