Monday, October 5, 2009

Pesto makes everything better!

This morning the frost was definitely getting a little too close for comfort--some really white patches in the garden prompted my turning into Garden Destructo Gremlin. Time to take it down to the ground!

I went out with my picking containers and was amazed to find that many things have continued to ripen, even with the steeply declining temperatures of the past few days. I picked about 30 butternut squashes, a couple of large containers of tomatoes, a few cucumbers, and of course there were still a few zucchini and summer squash.

There were also a number of lovely squash blossoms, and I decided that lunch needed to include one last foray into the stuffed blossom world... but this time with a twist. Pesto! Plenty of pesto still in the fridge, and so I mixed a generous scoop of that in with my usual ricotta mix; because of the pesto, I didn't add the herb mix as I do with the plain cheese mixture. It was quite delicious... pesto DOES make everything better.
Ricotta mixture pre-stuffing.

Blossoms, all fried up and ready to eat. Heaven.
I just love those little squashes still attached to the blooms. I'm already looking forward to the garden again next summer... sort of. I am also looking forward to a few months of gazing at the garden patch without the guilt of thinking about what I should be doing out there...

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