Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 13: 13 random items of inspiration

The flu found our humble home this week. Seth has been down for the count since Monday night. Tuesday was the long day of fever and chills, and Wednesday was improved to a point... Finally, this morning, the fever was GONE. So we're back on track toward wellness, and the homwork binder has come out. Nothing makes you (well, him, but I have to supervise...) regret illness more than the work to get caught back up again. Ugh. But! Wellness! A good thing!

A friend forwarded this photo to me this week. I couldn't resist posting it, even though we don't have any reason to think WE have had H1N1 in THIS house! It's titled something like "Swine flu paranoia getting out of hand." Ha ha. Poor Piglet.

For some reason, Seth's illness has had me all funky-like and unmotivated to do anything. Anything. Like shower. Or dress. It's pretty pathetic, but let's just say George Castanza and his "I've given up" sweats come to mind.

Of course, the weather hasn't helped. Cold, followed by rain, capped off with our first fog of the season on Wednesday morning. Cruel, cruel fall, teasing us with sunshine and crisp weather for all of a week...

All this whining does have a point, leading to my Thursday 13. I have been in need of serious inspiration this week. And so I have gathered together thirteen of my favorite images, things, ideas, colors and concepts that bring me a wee bit 'o joy during this cloud of germiness... I hope you see a couple that inspire you as well.

Credit is given when I can remember from whence they came. My "inspire" folder has been growing for some time...

1. Big fat pom poms. Yummy pillow. An Australian interior decorator with a shop and a blog: Absolutely Beautiful Things. She posts very beautiful things quite often.

Here's a tip for all you northern hemisphere types (and I admit I'm a little slow to have realized this, given my Australian "heritage," ha ha)--while we slide into winter, that other (Down Under) hemisphere is heading into summer. If you need to see images of sunshine, springtime, baby animals, whatever floats your need-for-summer boat, head down south and check out the Aussie blogs. From food to interior decor to gardening, they have it going on!

2. Alabama Chanin is a style of sewing/fabric treatment that I found recently through a Facebook friend, and have totally fallen for. An art form that seems to represent a whole lifestyle...

3. I love this idea for name place holders on the dinner table!

4. This from the girl who had to be negotiated with to wear a dress in the seventh grade: I love this dress! Or, what this dress might look like if the model stood up straight! I love the idea, anyway. Wait, is it even a dress? Who can say. Great picture. How about that?

5. This party would make me very happy! That's a real shock, I know!

6. I have never thought of myself as even remotely like Marilyn Monroe, but then I read this quote and thought, hmmmm... perhaps?

7. Could I have a room that looks like this? I would enjoy that. I wouldn't move around very much in this room. Just a sitting room... a sitting-and-looking-at-hanging-glass-spheres room. On my tufted orange leather seat.

8. And these stairs? Wow.

9. I love this text treatment. The song (yes, Sweet Darlin') it comes from is by Zooey Deschannel, on the album She&Him. I adore Zooey. In some alternate universe we are friends and she gives me style tips.

10. Love this little ditty. I may not agree 100% (I don't actually think happiness is the KEY to life, I think it's a byproduct of living a meaningful life, but that's a whole other post), it's a great turnabout. Who would think of saying "happy" in response to that question? A saucy girl, that's who.

11. This one too. Though, frankly, I never have arrived at this place with my piano playing... I'd like to think I've gotten there with my lovin'...

12. I like this floral arrangement, but mostly I love those green leaves. What are those? Anyone? Do tell! Must find and plant next spring... don't tell me, they don't grow in my zone? Figures.

13. Speaking of flowers that don't grow in my zone... if I EVER need a pick-me-up, this flower does the trick, in spades. I have a picture very similar to this in my office and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

I hope you have enjoyed my 13 images. Just pulling them together has a cumulative cheer effect that helps me forget that winter is very quickly on its way.

For more Thursday 13s, go here. Happy TT!


  1. Fabulous T13. My favorite inspirations are #s 3, 5 and 7.

  2. The leaf almost looks like a dusty miller leaf...but that is usually greyish but nowadays you can buy plants in the most unusual shades...I will continue to look that one up in my giant plant book!

    What a genuine lift to the heart/soul! Thank you.

  3. That's a great TT. I loved those stairs - wow. They'd be a treat to climb, wouldn't they?

    Find inspiration where you can!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. What a MARVELOUS '13' for this week! Love those colorful stairs especially but all your inspirations are wonderful. Thanks for visiting my 13 sky views at Small Reflections and have a great weekend!
    Hugs and blessings,

  5. some really beautiful things here. thank you! and you know i love that mm quote ;-)

  6. Hi - the leaves look just like the lemon geranium leaves on my plants from this summer. wonderful lemony scent everytime I watered. would put them on the table on the deck when having dinner out there - pretty and pleasant scent - see pelargonium crispin - and yes you can grow - if I can - anyone can.
    thanks for all the delightful images. needed some


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