Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Hard to believe it's already the weekend... Even weeks filled with The Flu go by quickly, apparently.

Grateful tonight for:
*Family health. Glad that husband's fever was a quick one, and Seth's too, comparatively. It was so nice to hear Seth singing this morning, reciting old Steve Martin monologues, reminding me of Monty Python lines (I let him watch "And Now for Something Completely Different" while he was sick... I figured most of it wouldn't sink in to his fevered brain... I may have been wrong). Just so glad he's back to his cheerful self.

*That fall is back, at least for a minute or two. (As opposed to WINTER, which we felt the chill of last weekend.) This sunshine is so appreciated. Does wonders for the energy and spirit.

*The prospect of some road time with the husband this weekend. We're headed over to visit my brother and family in Seattle for a couple of days. Ah, for the road.

*Apples. Tis the season! Apple cakes are in the oven and I'm ready!
*Tomatoes. I took down the last of the bushes today, with mushy (from the freezes last weekend) unripe tomatoes still attached... and was grateful for the many wonderful tomatoes I've been able to eat this summer. I have just about polished off the last of my final picking, and with each bite I savor the flavor, knowing that store-bought will not even come close in the intervening months until the garden of 2010.

*Laughter. Husband is chatting to me while I type... he's as happy for the weekend as I am and giving me quite a few chuckles.

*The changing colors. It's taken a bit for the trees to start turning, but this morning I really noticed the reds and oranges peeking out from a number of trees along our route to school. So beautiful. I should have taken some pictures, but I read a news story this week about distracted driving, so I'm trying to keep my hands at 10 and 2. I swear.

*That the box elder season is short. If they attacked our house year round with the energy they've had this week I think I'd truly lose my mind. See, there is a reason to wish for the deep freeze to return, I suppose...

*A little extra time on my hands (hanging out with the sick Seth) to fiddle around with my arts and crafts... it's a bit of a mess downstairs, but I'm in heaven. Crazy with color and texture, yarn and text treatments... Oh joy. Soon, very soon, I'll have something to post, really. I know, you're waiting with bated breath.

*The return of energy. Boy, did Seth's flu wipe me out! Ha. I was actually amazed at how low-energy I felt... can we call it "sympathy flu?" We lazed around like a couple of sloths, seriously. We got caught up on our SYTYCD audition shows, kind of got into that new show "Flashforward," and yes, as I mentioned, I let him watch Monty Python... what can I say, we mellowed. By day three I was ready to return to the land of the living and even got myself dressed to drive into school and pick up a book from one of his teachers... and then today I had even more energy! Cleaned the house, got all my canning supplies put away, took down the garden completely and even went for a walk with a girlfriend in the afternoon fall sunshine! A lovely day.
*Seth's teachers. He has a great group of people who care about him and his learning. I'm happy for him, and me too. I get to go on a field trip in a couple of weeks (I know, "get to." Ha. Obviously it's been awhile since I've been on a field trip... what was I thinking?!) with his Explorer language arts group to see some plays... I need to work on my stamina for inane conversation by adolescents. Wish me luck!

*For good memories of a friend from many years ago. Tomorrow marks the passing of a dear childhood friend when I was just about 12 and she was almost 15. My memories of our time as friends are quite precious.

*For music music music. Found some new artists while exploring around this week... I need to do some more investigation before I share. And, too, there was sadness from missing the Owl City concert in Spokane on Tuesday night (I think I had more of an issue than Seth, but... I got over it. Sort of. Sigh.) But I wanted to share a happy song tonight and I love love this song by Jason Mraz. I looked high and low for a video to share, and found mostly "embedding disabled" versions and wild handheld live versions... I settled on this live version from a small show in Paris where he asked "Who wants to sing with me?" and a brave girl named Clara said, "Me!" She does a lovely job.

Happy weekend to all!


  1. Love Love that song... I really do get up every Sabbath and start my day by reading your post - love it.

  2. Sweet photo of Lori. Good of you to remember and good for you to remember. Carol would be warmed by this.

  3. Just went to itunes to buy that song--love it. Thanks for sharing. I hope you guys are having a lovely time on the West side.

    Are you headed to Yakima for the Explorer's field trip? I did that trip oh so many short years ago. It's a good one, even if it does involve a bus trip with middle schoolers.


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