Monday, June 15, 2009

A musical Monday... with no school!

School's out... well, for most kids. Depends on how many fake-makeup-snow-days your particular school district decided to tack on to the end of the year (right, Maizy?).

In honor of school being out, I thought I'd post some videos of a cool kid choir that I have been enjoying. I happened upon them on some blog or other that I visit semi-regularly (I've forgotten which one!), and thought this was a really cool discovery. Of course, I then find out that they are little celebrities in their own right and have been on the news and have about 5 million YouTube hits... so this isn't exactly a new find, but take a look at some of these faces. These little performers will undoubtedly pop up at American Idol auditions in about 8 or 9 years... Check out their web site; these kids are getting a piece of music education that most kids could only dream of.

I have to say I think their choir teacher is a riot, even though I want to give him a haircut. Who wouldn't love to get to sing current, fun songs in choir with their teacher playing along on the guitar or piano? I won't even paint you a visual of my childhood choir, but suffice it to say I got a really sucky grade during my 5th grade year, because rather than sing, apparently I liked to throw eraser chunks at nearby boys... alas. Blame it on the lack of inspiring music, I say.

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