Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Sweet peace on the island... vacation has begun!

This week I'm grateful for:
*Husband, who is letting me borrow his computer while mine struggles to find a wireless connection. He's a gem and he knows I value my little Friday ritual.
*This island paradise where Ma and Pa reside. It doesn't come more tranquil than this. (Pictures will follow once my computer returns to its happy place.)
*A lovely visit with brother and family last night. Great walk with wonderful sister-in-law, catching up and bouncing ideas around. Good ideas, Kim!
*Sweet and thoughtful son, who is a joy to travel with and who shares my love of gelato. Bliss at the ferry terminal.
*Deadlines. I get things done on deadline and this week was no exception. There were moments when I wondered how it would all get done before the trip, and sure enough it did. Barely.
*Neighbors and friends who will come and harvest cherries during our absence, thus relieving my cherry guilt. We have had more fruit this year than EVER and just getting perfectly ripe as we walk out the door...
*Sunshine on the ferry. It was a gorgeous ride tonight. The ferry was filled to overflowing with families and babies and little kids all headed out to the various Southern Gulf Islands. There were even some whales frolicking out to one side of the ferry, but you had to have bionic eyes to really see what was going on besides a little splash now and then.
*Lavender lemonade. I've been meaning to make lavender simple syrup ever since I first was introduced to this nectar last year and I finally did that this week. (Will post specifics, I swear.) Seth and I harvested three lavender plants, I cooked up a batch and have been inflicting it on family wherever I go! It's divine.
*Sleep. Whatever works--short afternoon naps, full nights of sleep, you name it, I'm grateful for it. And so looking forward to it tonight! There's nothing like vacation sleep!
*The other, local, sister-in-law, who is looking after our place, keeping an eye on the wild dogs and making sure nothing dries up and dies in our absence. So grateful for that!
*Memories. Grateful for a brother with a freaky sharp memory who helps prompt me to remember odd and crazy things from 30 years ago. You need to be writing this stuff down, Shelby. It's priceless.
*Safe travels. I don't take it for granted.

A restful weekend to all!

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  1. Yes, those ferries are such people watching experiences on the weekends. I love them. The bionic eye comment about whale sightings cracks me up. And the coconut sorbet at Tsswassen is a major highlight for me! Also the shopping. The whole thing is just such a fun trip, from beginning to end.

    So grateful for our time together, for inspiring each other with our ideas and dreams, for the lavender syrup (I got lemon mint at the farm yesterday!!), and for being able to listen to yours and Shelby's childhood tales. Happy Islanding! I will live vicariously this week through your updates ;-)


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