Monday, June 8, 2009

A hunting we done went

A couple of weekends ago we went over Joseph way to enjoy a bit of time in the woods. It was lovely, and though a few weeks behind Walla Walla in terms of trees leafing and buds blooming, we were able to unearth a few morels along the tree line. Very cool. I must say husband has the best eye. Seth didn't do too badly himself. Me, apparently I'm not so much of a hunter--this is definitely a case of Him bringing home the bacon and Me frying it up in the pan. I wandered, I looked, I tried different angles, different places--under trees? in woodsy clearings? You name it, I tried it. I found very very few... But we won't dwell on it. It's not a competition, right? Hmmmm...

Seth the hunter!

Ruby ready to chase deer ghosts through the woods!

Once we got home, I did a little research on morel storage, recipes, and even some tips on how to find them more/better. Nope, not a competition.

Next up: What we did with them thar shrooms. Nummers.

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