Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Table Topics

So you've seen those Table Topic games, right? There's the Family one, the Girl's Night Out... it started with just a couple and has grown into quite the little industry.

Which is all to say, I have the Gourmet version. How exciting is that? And it sits in my kitchen, I pull a card out now and again, and that's that. So I happened upon the idea of plucking a random card from the pile every Tuesday (alliteration is important, no?) and answering it here... in writing... for you all... my three loyal followers!

So how hilarious is this very first question I pluck from the stack: If you needed to gain weight what would you eat? Ha ha ha. So if you've been paying attention, I've been trying to take a little bit off lately, so that question is pretty darn funny. My gut instinct was: Oh, what I've been eating the past couple of years! But that's probably not what "they" meant.

Let's see, what would I eat? Hmmm. Carbs carbs carbs. Sweets sweets sweets. Cheese cheese cheese. Probably fettucine alfredo or carbonara... or both. A little custard, a little cake... a little of both! Milkshakes from the IceBurg, of course. With fries, onion rings and tartar sauce, a cheeseburger... Oh boy. (Didn't I make a resolution not to write about food in the evening? Yikes.) Oh, probably would need a steak. With blue cheese mashed potatoes. Grilled cheese sandwiches with lots of butter on the outsides to make them crisp. Oh, I just thought of fried things... that would help pack it on. Cheese sticks, yep. Any vegetable done tempura style. Oh my. A cheese plate, of course. Baked eggs. Oh, I forgot cheesecake. Lots of different flavors. And chocolate...

And then there's the different ethnic cuisines... lots of Thai peanuty noodles, and Indian curries with full-fat coconut milk and lots of ghee, enchiladas from our friends south of the border, gelato (how did I not mention chocolate hazelnut gelato already? I've obviously been blocking some of these foods out mentally), crusty baguette and brie, fondue (!)...

OK, I think I've adequately answered this first installment. Look forward to future, healthier Tuesday Table Topics in the future!

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  1. I don't care what you write about at what time of day, but I DO think I need to stop reading your posts in the evening. I'm so hungry now! For all very unhealthy things!



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