Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun days in the sun

The sunshine in San Luis Obispo was terrific. I enjoyed it, sun up to sun down! While Corinne had a marketing meeting one morning, I took a lovely walk alongside a golf course down to the ocean... mighty fine. Thought I'd share a peek, as I know many are still stuck in the waning days of winter.

They don't show up so well in the picture, but there are three white cranes hanging out in the creek. White cranes are a sign of good luck, so that was my triple dose, theoretically! As I'm currently hanging out at Sea-Tac with yet another travel "situation," it appears I should have gotten a little closer to the cranes to get the actual luck to transfer from them to me...

I just had to take a picture of these African daisies, as they are a flower available to purchase in my garden zone as an annual... in SLO, they pretty much run rampant through the ditches as a perennial. Dagnabit. Lucky them.

These succulent flowers were just so sunny and cheerful. I'm not even sure I can grow these as annuals in Walla Walla...


  1. Gorgeous photos. What fabulous weather you had!

  2. OK, my dear. That was kind of cruel. We have been in dearyland since you left. Rain, sleet, snow, wind...

    I guess old man winter heard that smack I was talking about him. Enough, already.


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