Friday, April 3, 2009

Adventures in Japanese cuisine

One of Corinne's favorite cuisines is Japanese. It's not something I have a ton of experience with, but I'm game for new stuff, right? I do frequent WW's local sushi joint, Aloha Sushi, which gets quizzical eyebrows from my oceanside friends--sushi in a land-locked town, really? I try to impress upon them the speed with which FedEx can arrive with the ice chest of fish, but I still get the quizzical eyebrows!

On C's birthday, she wanted to go to a local Japanese grill for lunch. Her sister-in-law and mother-in-law joined us and we got to perch up next to the grill and watch our meal (meat, in my case!) sizzle away. Corinne got sushi but the rest of us went with the fry-up. It was really good!

The sizzling grill!

The Oh So Delicious tempura. (No, this isn't on the nutritional plan, Kim. But it was Oh So Delicious!)

Our chef, working the fried rice.

C's tuna sushi. Num num.

When we took our day trip up to San Fran, our first stop was the Ferry Building, which houses all manner of edible delights, from crepes to chocolate to cheese to gelato. We settled on a Japanese eatery there as well, and the bento box lunch was beyond yummy. I am a new fan of all things (well, maybe not ALL things, but many more things than a week ago!) Japanese.

C's bento box: Wasabi potato salad, asparagus salad, rice and chicken dumplings.

My bento box: Rice, chicken dumplings, mushroom salad and asparagus salad.

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