Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Sort of a quick week... sort of a long week. Glad to be here, at Friday night, ready for some relaxation this weekend. Well, relaxation and yard work.

This week I'm grateful for:
* The sunshine: warmth.

* The sunshine: light from 6 in the morning until 8 in the evening--very nice!

* The sunshine: did I mention the warmth? The green grass, the flowers blooming, trees budding. Even with crisp air at night and in the early mornings, life is just so much better with a little blue sky.

* Allergies still at bay! Acupuncturist thinks we may be at the "cumulative effect" part of the treatment, for which I'm stoked. Can't say I haven't sneezed AT ALL this year, but it's a far cry from the dripping, sneezing, stuffed up situation of years ago. Yeah! May it continue...

* Good week with Seth. Mr. Almost-13 is feeling his way through the independent world and there are the inevitable bumps and lumps. He's dealing pretty well with it all, mostly, and has a sense of humor to boot. Whew for the first year of middle school being almost over with only one meltdown so far (I know, that sentence is just begging for a meltdown asap!).

* Decent sleep. Not rock-star quality, but pretty good... just need to get going at it a little earlier in the evenings...

* Fun playing with the itouch. The Lose It! app is my friend. It suits the wee OCD part of me that likes to track things... thankful to the SIL and GF in Cali who like to keep in touch on such eeney details as what I ate today!! We will prevail, ladies!

* Better choices in the grocery store for fresh stuff... asparagus at every meal! Found some amazing artichokes today--biggest I've ever seen, I think... are you jealous yet, Pa? Bought my first tomato plants today, and I know a summer of fabulous produce awaits!

* Good friends. Always.

* Great family. Ditto.

* This Earth, our home. I enjoyed these pictures celebrating Earth Day, showing the great diversity of this wonderful world of ours.

* So proud of husband for the special alumnus award he received just tonight. So not his "thing" to get up and accept awards, but he did it well and now we can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Not quite sure I'm "grateful" (just wait, you'll get it...) for these following items, but some fun new blogs and such to check out in your spare weekend moments...

* The Blog of Unnecessary Quotations. Hee hee. Jen, you'll love this one. It circulated among the wordy types at work quite quickly!

*Tremendous News! This one is pretty new but what I've read of it I've liked.

* Check out this new Top Chef blog: AllTopChef. Lots of fun contributors, can't wait until the next season heats up!

* And have you heard about the Top Chef Masters tournament? That will rock... well, for some of us... don't look down on food nerds, please.

Here's a new group I just discovered via YouTube. Very pretty voices... Very pretty girls. So guys, you can't say I don't post anything here for you, OK? Just saying. They are called All Angels, and there aren't very many videos that still have embedding available, AND they aren't on US itunes... Harumph. But enjoy, they ARE rather like angels with those voices...

Happy relaxing weekend, everyone!

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  1. great blog - lots of good things to end the week this week. congrats Alan! I am also anxiously awaiting the new season of multiple top chef offerings - look out Iron Chef America! spent part of the last week in Houston and part of the week in snow back home - my poor tulips and poppies are trying to hang in there...
    still so happy to be back in my own bed for a few nites!


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