Sunday, April 19, 2009

DeepLeap: New addiction

Sad but true, these little games get the best of me. First it was Tetris, way back when. Well, I guess if you want to really dig deep, it was Centipede before that, but compared to later addictions, that one hardly even scratches the surface of my neuroses (and was painful to reacquaint myself with on the Wii, too... someone's reflexes aren't quite as nimble as they once were...). Following Tetris there were some dry years in my gaming (let's call them the "responsible, trying to hold down a job and raise a child" years), but coming back to it, I had a bit of an issue with Bubbleshooter last year... HAD to get a high score. Alas, weeks of practice ensued. Finally did get one posted online, then the desire faded. Isn't that so often the case?

And now, here's another. And in a pragmatic sense, this one has some real value. Really. I'm posting this with an eye toward the Scrabble-hungry Aunties, but there are many wordy friends out there who will enjoy this, I think.

Take a look at DeepLeap. Boy howdy, this one could suck me in for awhile...


  1. Okay I like your blog but that is a terrible terrible awful, horrible game (have I made it clear how much I like it yet).

    Like I need more things to waste time on.

  2. omg i loved tetris, and this word game is awesome. GAH!


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