Saturday, April 11, 2009

Alinea restaurant review

No, we didn't jet over to Chicago for dinner tonight. But made you look, didn't I?

For kicks, I follow Grant Achatz on Twitter. He's the chef/owner at Alinea in Chicago, was a judge on Top Chef this most recent season, got his start at The French Laundry under Thomas Keller... anyway, if you are even reading this far you probably know all that.

So Grant tweeted tonight about a review of his restaurant from an "average joe" (he likes to dispel the notion that only rich people eat at his restaurant!) and I went on over to take a look. I couldn't figure out how to embed the video, just click on the link to go over to Average Jyo's blog. It's a bit long, but fairly interesting to those who might care about an extensive tasting menu that costs more than $200 per person and involves flavors such as "lilac" (yes, very few people). And because I like to give fair warning, it's clean all the way up to the last minute when for some reason he feels the need to drop a few f-bombs. Not sure why. Just did.

Happy viewing. If any of this falls into your interest area, browse around Alinea's images on their web site (the image above is "beef shortribs" in the menu section). Sets a new bar for food photography. Just beautiful.


  1. wow - you are right about the photography - stunning! amazing concepts as well. I found myself looking at each dish and wondering - how did they do that? can you imagine the cost of presentation alone?

  2. A good chef tastes his food after its done and seasons it with some salt and pepper. A good vlogger does the same with a few f-bombs at the end. Thanks for watching my video.

    Jyo Minakawa


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