Sunday, April 12, 2009

Power to the Peeps!

Most adults I know have an "issue" with Peeps. That makes sense... Peeps are, like any other candy, just spun sugar confections. But Peeps seem to come with the added downside of too many stabilizers and additives to really reassure you that this is "food," in any sense of the word (think: Twinkies!). But over the years I have been pulled down the path toward Peeps by Seth, who is a big fan. He likes the instant sugar rush, the strange discoloring-his-tongue dyes, and the idea of eating little bunnies and chicks? No worries. All good.

So I shared the Washington Post Peep contest on Friday night, and then promptly remembered some other Peep information I thought you'd either find curious or be grossed out by. Take your pick.

Peep lip balm. As someone who used to think the Orange Crush Bonne Belle Lipsmacker was cool, I can't very well throw too many stones at this product. But in the review on Serious Eats, they talked about it actually tasting good... Now that's just going too far. But, $3.99 will put either the strawberry marshmallow or the grape in your pocket.

Deep fried Peeps. This one I really couldn't bring myself to share a picture of. Just can't. You can click over and take a peep (couldn't resist) if you like, but don't say I didn't warn you. Ooozy drippy marshmallow with a crust? Hmmm. I suppose I could describe it more alluringly, but why? I know the craze to deep fry just about anything has been rampant for a few years, but this one is just a little out there. I can only imagine how many burnt mouths would take place biting into a molten Peep! Yikes.

Peep vidoes. Peeps have even inspired a wide variety of stop action videos on YouTube, with themes around everything from Project Peepway to Peep Floyd: The Wall, to Peep Jaws Shark Attack. I thought I'd spare you the drama (especially of the "how many Peeps can you flush down the toilet" video) and post a little dance of Peeps. Colorful, you know, the way I like it.

I'm pretty over the Peeps, as anything other than great fodder for a creative diorama or YouTube video. There are still a couple of packages hanging out in the kitchen for Seth, but he can rest assured that they will be there, waiting for him... after school, next weekend, whenever. There may be some candies (most?!) I will help myself to in his absence, but those little fluffoids are in no danger. Whatsoever.


  1. I've never had the urge to eat one. It helps that I'm an immigrant and didn't really grow up with peeps. My sons got a few for Easter but it was not a favorite. Thank goodness.

    I'm seriously anti-candy, especially for the kids. We had a great Easter egg hunt with friends and we filled more than half of the eggs with non-candy treats (stickers, funny bandaids, little toys etc.).

    I was happy.

  2. I used to love peeps when they were relly stale, but now--the fresher and the fluffier the better! Ack! Once a year is enough, though. Cute post, Sher!


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