Saturday, November 1, 2008

Confirmation of TT #1 and #13

One day I will be bright enough to actually think of fun graphics to go WITH the post at the time of the post. Give me a couple of weeks!

So, day late, dollar short, but here are a couple of images to complement the Thursday Thirteen. While the figs on my spoon rest are not fresh, they are a daily reminder of that obsession. It sits happily on my stove and was a sweet gift from my aunt Roberta a couple of years ago for my birthday. I don't even think she knew how deep my love of figs goes. So, verification of fig love. Pure fig love.

Following up on the salty and sweet, I caught up on dvr'd shows tonight with my buddies: Junior Mints and popcorn. Yum-o. I was overjoyed to see one last little Junior Mint box in the cupboard! Time to restock.

Just pondering these two items from the list has inspired me to cook my way through the favorite food/ingredient list over the next couple of weeks. So look for peanut sauce and pesto and all the rest of the ingredients. (Except maybe fresh figs, as alas I fear the season is over. Sob. Sniff.) And I will look forward to eating each treat! Yeah for figgy ideas.

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