Thursday, November 6, 2008

Did he write it just for me?

This week Amazon picked their top 10 books for 2008.

This makes me a little sad for those authors with books still releasing between now and the actual end of 2008. Is it just common knowledge that books published in the last two months of the year aren't any good? I get that there needs to be a cut-off date (like for the Oscars, of course!), but... just sayin', if I had a book coming out right now, I'd be a little peeved... I might get over it if books published Nov/Dec 2008 get included in 2009's picks. Might. See, rich fanasy life. No book, no publisher, yet peeved I haven't been picked.

So of course, there's a separate category for the top 10 cookbooks, oh yeah! And number one, yep, it's got figs written all over it! It looks like a good one--anyone who has cooked with Alice Waters is worth a read. In my humble opinion, of course.

And check out No. 7 on the list as well (I think someone's ripping me off!).

I know that Sweet Tea and Sunshine sounds incredibly southern, and have been told so repeatedly. However, for me, it's a twist on "Sweet Pea." Who wants to read a blog--or visit a cafe--that was why I originally thought up the name--called Sweet Pea and Sunshine? No thanks--I'll leave the visual images to your fertile imaginations. And, it's also a tip of the hat to Canadian iced tea, which is always served sweet, like the south. I do forget that sometimes when I order it north of the border and that first sip is like, WHAT? And then I remember and relax and don't have to add sweetener!

Both these cookbooks will have to go on my Amazon wishlist. I'll even write reviews if (when) I get them for Christmas!

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  1. this book looks promising - I was worried - I thought the other literary reference - alone in the kitchen with eggplant - was likely a horror story!!tee hee..


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