Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday night grateful moment

This week my grateful list is full:
* 40th birthday, in good health.
* Amazing family, near and far. Beyond generous and thoughtful, all.
* Husband home safe from business trip in time for my birthday.
* A wonderful son with plenty-o-affection for his mom.
* Good friends, especially a dear visiting one.
* Fall stayed warm-ish while the visiting friend was here from CA. We hate to freeze our visitors!
* Only a few more days til this blessed political season has some resolution. Ah.
* Health improving for Pa.
* I still have a Grandma to call me on my birthday. I cherish that.


  1. Sherilee Anne - I just love you and am so grateful for you. It is always a complete treat to spend time with you - thank you so much for making it happen. Can't wait for the next time!


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