Sunday, November 16, 2008

Butternut still undefeated in squash-off

I'm getting ready for a major Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner photo shoot at work this week--we'll set up both meals and shoot them in one day, getting double duty from Mr. Turkey. It's fun to get a dry run through the meal, trying out some pretty "extras" that I'll probably actually skip when it comes to our own Thanksgiving dinner. We're so low-key about it, and usually fix our favorites rather than get all jiggy with it.

Anyway, squash is on the menu for one of the photo shoot set-ups, and I found some fun, different colored acorn squash at Andy's and thought I'd cook them up and see how it might work. No run-of-the-mill green acorns here. The orange one is called Golden Acorn and the yellow one is actually called White Swan Acorn. Sounds more elegant than it is...

They look good, cook up easily enough, but are pretty ho-hum in taste; I did the usual S&P, EVOO on them and roasted at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Both boys said, well, yeah, what did you expect? when I pronounced them only so-so. Neither of them exactly rush for the squash, even all fancied up or sweetened (which I just can't do). These are fine, and provide a fun color contrast to the green rind of the acorn, but I still proclaim butternut to be Queen of the Squashes!


  1. I'd have to agree with you taste-wise, but looks-wise, these are really different and fun. Can squash be fun? I say yes. :)

  2. Butternut is and always will be my favorite of all the squashes. Oh--I just read about 'blue ballet' squashes. I bet you'd like those for the color, if not for eating, but people eat them and say that they are good, I wouldn't know--never tried them. I like adding apples to my squash--okay, my mother-in-law adds apples, but I go over there and eat them when she does that and I love it.


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