Monday, November 3, 2008

Election eve limericks!

Not cooking tonight, no siree. Seth came home starved after basketball practice and got a quick supper of scrambled eggs and hashed browns, which he gobbled up. I fiddled around with a pomegranate and some yogurt and I now hear the sounds of husband foraging down in the kitchen... wow, things have fallen, and so quickly.

The dark of no daylight savings has fallen and I finally admit that autumn ain't all I've been cracking it up to be (I can hear you, oh mocking Jen). It will take me a moment or two to adjust. Meanwhile we'll nurse the lentil soup I made yesterday and soothe our souls with hot chocolate (and many many marshmallows).

But meanwhile, oh did I happen upon a time-suck tonight online!

Called OEDILF (The Omnicient English Dictionary in Limerick Form), this is one fun little place for wordy folks. Their stated goal is: "to write at least one limerick for each meaning of each and every word in the English language. Our best limericks will clearly define their words in a humorous or interesting way, although some may provide more entertainment than definition, or vice versa."

And how.

And in the food realm alone there are some real gems:

choux pastry by Dottie (Anne Clements)

Heat water with fat (butter's best),
Mix in flour, then egg; beat with zest.
Make small blobs (use a spoon),
Bake on 'hot'. Very soon
You'll have choux pastry fit for your guest.

Some words have only one entry, but for something as common as a banana, there are quite a few, 13 in fact.

And they even poke fun at themselves:

amusingly by David Schildkret

These limericks are carefully drafted;
No rhyme has been cobbled or grafted.
Each poem defines
A new word in five lines.
They're amusingly, lovingly crafted.

They are only working on the first four letters of the alphabet so far, and they already have 48,000 limericks! So no "e" for election, but there are still quite a few with a political bent, naturally. So if you want to take a break from the pundits and spinmeisters tomorrow, have a little limerick break!

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  1. I'm honored that you quoted one of my OEDILF limericks, and I'm delighted that you liked it!

    ~David Schildkret


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