Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2: Thyroid resources

I sat down to write a list of things I know or have learned about the thyroid in the past five years and realized 1) the list would be very incomplete; and 2) I would be citing sources, not having embarked on any thyroid research myself.

So I am going to send you straight to the sources. Some are sites that have lots of information, others are articles that have been helpful to me.

You’ll notice a wide range of conventional and alternative therapies. I like to read on all sides of the issues and evaluate based on what has worked for me. I'd advise you to do the same. I'm not a doctor and I don't even play one on TV.

These sites are not in any order of importance. Surf at will!

1. Mary Shoman. Probably considered the top patient advocate for thyroid issues. She has written many books, but a lot of information is also available online.
2. Medline Plus. Very comprehensive on all aspects of thyroid disease.
3. Alt.Support.Thyroid newsgroup. Lots of discussion here.
4. Healthy New Age. An at-home check for thyroid issues and some good information on natural supplements.
5. Article: Thyroid Treatment: Conventional or Alternative?
6. Always been a Dr. Weil fan, and he’s got some good info on nutrition and thyroid.
7. American Thyroid Association. Very mainstream, probably the Godfather of thyroid info.
8. A recommended neck check for thyroid growth. I wonder if I would have caught my little nodes if I'd been doing this check?
9. Article by Dr. Michael Schachter, M.D., F.A.C.A.M.: The Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism. Quite indepth and comprehensive. Very worth the read, if you're trying to educate yourself from the ground up.
10. Stop the Thyroid Madness blog. Completely anti-establishment! I enjoy her writing and take on things. Lots of good points to consider if your treatment isn't currently working.
11. Thyroid.about. Another place where Mary Shoman is featured. Helpful.
12. Medicinenet. Is your head full of information yet? More here!
13. iyogalife. Rock the shoulderstand! Who knew yoga could stimulate the thyroid. Nothing surprises me about the thyroid at this point.

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  1. Wow that is a good list...Have a great Thursday

  2. I've been worried I have thyroid problems. I'm glad I found you through TT.

  3. These are such good links! It was because of Mary Shoman, several years ago, that I switched from Synthroid to Armour and everything changed for me. I was diagnosed with hpothyroidism after Buffie was born, and I had never been able to breastfeed either child because of it, because I couldn't produce enough milk. I took Synthroid for years and I was never quite *right*. It's so coincidental that you posted this---Xander is going to the blood lab this morning to have his TSH levels checked!

  4. I love Jane Austen too! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  5. my mom has a thyroid problem too. and so does my mom in law. i think ti's very common.
    See if you can find the craziest animal?
    TT13 Animals

  6. The stop the thyroid madness site, plus the book, comes highly recommended.

  7. You've done a lot of research! I tried yoga, and I should probably try it again. It was difficult. But... the benefits are remarkable.

  8. The picture alone was informative. I never realized the thyroid was in the throat. (obviously I need to brush up on some anatomy)

  9. Interesting list. Thanks for posting it. And thanks for visiting my blog


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