Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not exactly the best pet for a kitchen...

When I had my fall playdate in Portland with Jen, we happened upon a Halloween shop, full of cobwebs and candy and fun little Halloween pranks. I saw little Rat and fell in love... with the idea of scaring Seth with him! Seth and I have a longish history of scaring each other with jumping out of closets and from behind doors. We go it spurts of scaring until one of us gets "got" too good and is a little freaked out and we have to call truce for awhile. It's a little sick. (And he actually gets air when he scare-jumps, so it's kind of worth it to see! Bad mom.)

Anyway, I brought Rat home and patiently waited for the right opportunity. One quiet Sunday afternoon I stuck Rat under a bit of dirty laundry on Seth's floor and then sent him up to clean his room. I waited quietly in the kitchen, listening up the stairs for the scream. Sure enough... A couple of minutes later: "Mom! Mom! Who stuck this stuffed rat in my bedroom?"

Well, not exactly the reaction I was waiting for. A bit anticlimactic.

So then Corinne came to visit for my birthday... out came Rat again. Her reaction was a bit better than Seth's, but still no screams, just a bit of a recoil and then a quick recover.

Rat still hangs out in my kitchen, just hoping for a good reaction... maybe when my mom comes to visit at Christmas? He's hoping...


  1. You are so BAD! Are you saving money for Seth in a college fund AND a therapy fund?! "Well, doctor, my MOTHER (always the mother issues, right?) jumped out of closets to scare me as a child."
    Aaaaaaahhhhh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

    When I lived with my mother and step-father for a while as a teenager we had this fake bird with a twisty-tie wire on it's feet. Whoever's "turn" it was would sneak into somewhere where the person would see it, and perch it in some random place. Many, many years later when I brought the kids to NY and we stayed with her, I found the bird and we started doing it again.

    Oh, and (wow, this is a wordy comment) I hand-painted a ceramic hamster that sits on my kitchen counter, peeking out from behind a plate.

    Why is that kind of thing so FUN?!

  2. Oh..and I posted about Post Cards From Yo Momma. I loved it!! Good find!!

  3. I see, so I was just a pon in your evil, sick stuffed rat game?! Believe me when I tell you that pay back is a BITCH sweetheart!!! I will start shopping for plane tickets soon.


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