Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday night grateful moment

Here we are, another week down the road. Darkness comes too early (I saw the moon rise on my way home from work yesterday, wrong on so many levels), but holidays are their way; it's such a distinctive time of year. I'm a wee bit annoyed that Christmas music is already blaring in the stores; under my watch that wouldn't start until after Thanksgiving. But this list isn't about the greivances, but the joys. Must remember that. Even in the darkness...

* I'm grateful that Seth is home, and with him the cheer and joy that fills the house.
* I'm grateful that fall has come in manageable stages; after some rain and wind we have had a couple of lovely sunny days. And that even though the wind was annoying and I slept in the basement to get away from it, all the leaves are now blown far away!
* I'm grateful for the world of words, which never fails to entertain, inform and delight me. I am thankful for books and blogs and letters and poems and music lyrics--written communication holds such power.
* I'm thankful also for spoken words. When the phone rings early in the morning and it's Seth with loving words, it makes the rest of my day that much brighter. When a friend tells me her troubles and I can (hopefully) reassure and encourage (as well as listen!), I'm grateful to be able to put words to it. And thankful too for a husband who communicates readily and well; I do not take that for granted.
* I'm so thankful for my room. My little office space, tucked away and quiet, where I can think and write and read and listen to music. Where my girly things can be on display! I know I am above-and-beyond blessed to have this space. Now, if I could only keep it neat and tidy...
* I am so grateful for my family, near and far. I so appreciate having a family that stays in touch. It warms my heart.
* I'm also thankful for my friends, also near and far. And that the BFF will pick up the phone to my rantings and ravings, still, after all these years of rantings and ravings!
* I'm grateful for time (which sometimes seems to be racing past) and for energy (with a little help from my friend caffeine) to get things accomplished. And for the perspective of working again, to better appreciate "down" time and the weekends.

And a little visual to take you into the weekend. I thought this was lovely and unexpected.

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  1. Loved the video. It gave me chills, the good kind.

    Have a great weekend, Friend.


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