Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend info-roundup + new website addiction

A lovely weekend, it was. Spring has arrived to the extent that both husband and I think we're living in some lush amazing tropical land--it's green in all directions, with occasional blooms too... the daffodils, grape hyacinths, tulips, etc. If it would warm up a bit, I might actually believe summer's a'comin'... as it is, I poke my head out, the wind whips through and I retreat. (I know, toughen up, girly, eh?!)

So. I made a recent discovery that has become a quick addiction. But rather than just a time-suck (not pointing any fingers at you freaky Farmville people, really I'm not. Well, maybe a little...), this amazing site is something that could actually be helpful. The site is called Pinterest.

It took a few minutes for me to figure out, but it's a smashing way to bookmark ("pin") images, which will then lead you back to the web page that you "pinned" it from (if you want to go back and see what the image relates to--whether it's a recipe, creative venture, a cute outfit, interesting interior decor or just a beautiful picture of something in nature).

You create galleries ("boards") and re-pin pictures and then other people re-pin the picture and so you "meet" (but not really) other people with similar interests, so there's opportunity to find other blogs and sites and places with more information... yes, as I'm writing this I do realize how nutty it is to even want to find any new information in this absolutely information-overloaded world.

But it is what it is. The information is there, it all depends on how you want to receive it (or not), and, more importantly, how you want to filter it. Because I'm pretty sure, if you're anything like me, you're not looking for more information, just better, more-specific, and filtered, information. What I once thought Stumbleupon could do for me, I think Pinterest is more in line with. But it's early and I may change my mind on that one...

I envision Pinterest saving me time in the long run (I won't ever wonder "where did I see that?" and head off in search of an image or thing. If I've pinned it, it's there for all eternity, more or less, with a link back to the site I found it on. Sweet.). I probably won't always be as compulsive about running over to the site to see what's new, what's been pinned and re-pinned... I don't know how to find specific people, exactly, but I'm there under my name, so if you want to see what it's all about, click here.

Other than that bit of information (confession?) to divulge, I have been collecting little bits and pieces from around the web for a few weeks, as is my way... (which now makes me want to go and "pin" these pieces for future reference... hmm... see what I mean? Addictive! And helpful!)

In the DIY world, I found a fun little site--Petit Elefant--with a bunch of ideas worth checking out. Two that I found especially interesting:
* Homemade tortillas. Yum. I do enjoy these!
* Homemade sugar scrub. I've been wanting to experiment with homemade and natural/organic beauty products for a bit... this might be my entry...

Also in the DIY category are these posts for making your own crepe paper flowers and pom-pom branches. And in the completely practical category, how about making your own single-serving coffee bags? Wow. Strange as it may seem, I just might consider that.

I happened across a letterpress tutorial on a fun creative blog, How About Orange? I have one of these fun machines, but have dedicated precious little time to figuring it all out... so that post inspired me to move *that* up on the to-do list! Also from How About Orange?, a fun Pantone paint chip magnet project that I would love to play with! Actually, it's more the process than the actual magnets I'd like to play with... anything with glaze makes me want to get out the paint brush!

I made a happy food blog discovery recently, Kiss My Spatula. The photography is absolutely inspirational.

So no matter how much we hear about parental anxiety, and the need to take a chill pill with our kids, it appears that doesn't sink in. This article in the LATimes made a lot of sense to me.

For a good laugh, take a look at these fortune cookies that don't make sense!

I have had a serious owl crush lately--our very own Owen hoots to us most nights, and he hangs out really close to the house in the early evening (the bunny population is quite possibly decreasing, but I do love the owl...). Illustrations of owls really appeal to me, and lately it seems they are everywhere!



I have been following Wil Wheaton's blog--you may remember him from Stand By Me? Maybe you're more of a Star Trek: Next Generation person? Alas, my knowledge of Wil is mostly from The Big Bang Theory, where he plays himself, quite humorously. He wrote a post about River Phoenix; well, it's actually about a Stand By Me reunion, but it's also about Phoenix, and it's sweet without being sentimental, and I loved it. It made me want to rent Stand By Me for Seth, but I think he might be too old for it already, and that makes me sad.

I read an interesting article a while back about color and gender issues. It's amazing what we've convinced ourselves of, what's girly, what boys "should" like... crazy, really. It's color, people. How about we not take ourselves so seriously? My favorite graphic was the one below, with what guys call colors and what girls call colors...

Edible fashion accessories. Super cool post at Bored Panda featuring an artist who represents food as stuff... for some reason I pulled out only fruit purses to show you? Odd. There are all kinds of images if you click over there, really.

Bad review reaction by an author: I caught wind of this controversy a couple of weeks after it happened, and oh what a tempest in a teapot that little online scandal was (in the tiny subculture that created it, anyway)! Crazy amount of energy given toward an author who simply can't write (trust me, you'll agree if you read through the comments, and especially if you actually go to her web site, which I'm not going to actually link to for fear she'll head over here, claws out). I don't hold myself up to be a Writer McWriterson, but wow. Kind of sad for the self-publishing industry, but what can you do. The good thing about self-publishing and the bad thing about self-publishing is the same thing: anyone can do it.

I have been meaning to cook with quinoa for some time, and keep procrastinating. Will this be the week? The mystery, the drama! We'll see... the link I've posted, though, gave some very compelling reasons why I should be using quinoa EVERY week, for sure. Healthy healthy.

A lovely blog, Mighty Girl, called for readers to submit favorite childhood memories recently, and boy did she get some good ones. It was a true pleasure to read, and brought back some great memories to me in doing so.

I found a really clever crochet tutorial on how to join squares in a very "seamless" fashion. I will definitely give that a try... might even do it with my currently lap-blanket-of-many-colors...

And what blog post in April 2011 is complete without a little Royal Wedding hoopla? (Did you hear about Jerry Seinfeld bashing the "circus?" Hey Jerry, even if it's true, keep it to yourself!) Anyway, there's a book out about knitting your own Royal Wedding party, which, even in my little nutty crochet state, seems a bit much. And if that's not quite enough, there's a video to go along. Kitschy, to say the least.

OK, that wraps it up for now... happy reading. And if you wander over to Pinterest, say hi!


  1. I like to call Pinterest my "crack". It's so addicting! Love your blog. Now a follower! Check mine out at

  2. Great ideas...will follow you over to Pinterest when I get home. Every day I see something for you...took a photo of a 3 foot tall chocolate Easter egg today...will post it. I feel behind in posting again but am so busy...

    Thanks for all your great ideas.

  3. I love your blog too, Kim! That graphic of you in your header--too cool! I just subscribed to you through my Google reader.

    Happy Monday!

    Ma, hurry home! You don't have to bring 3-foot tall chocolate bunnies with you, either. xoxo

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