Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday 13: More royal wedding tidbits...

I'm a little late to all this royal wedding hoopla, I do realize, but I can't help but get in on one more post before the Big Day. While my own little collection is just that--little--I have gotten an increasing number of emails and blog feeds with a focus on the wedding of the century (well, decade, anyway...).

So here are 13 royal wedding "things:" links, items, videos, recipes, and general good Windsor fun!

1. I personally would not be holding out for Harry (too party boy for me), but this poster looks fun.

2. A few cute cups to sip (cold) tea from? That sounds lovely, thanks.

3. This hilarious video has some royal lookalikes that REALLY look alike. Wills and Kate, tho, not so much...

4. Check out this processional map in case you're needing help getting to the church on time:

Processional Map of Royal Wedding contemporary artwork

5. And how about this royal wedding mug--$72! I think I'll stick with my cheap-o mugs, thanks (but it is indeed cute).

Royal Wedding Commemorative Mug eclectic dinnerware

6. Commemorative tea towels are a must:

Cath Kidston Royal Wedding Souvenir Tea Towel traditional dishtowels

Linen Union Tea Towel traditional dishtowels

7. And if you need something more lasting and substantial, there's always this frameable print:

William and Kate Royal Wedding print  artwork

8. A little bunting for your tea party sleepover the night of the wedding:

Rustic Royal Wedding Bunting  kids decor

9. And a few plates to eat scones and curd and cream from:

Will & Kate Forever by Jonathan Adler  dinnerware

It Should Have Been Me Plate  dinnerware
dinnerware design by

10. Prince William's request to have a specific kind of cake (a second cake!) at the wedding breakfast--tea biscuits and dark chocolate: chilled, not baked--has created quite a bit of buzz:
--Daily Mail.
--The Telegraph.
It's not the most attractive cake... none of the news articles had an image of it with the recipe. I finally found a couple of images on a Canadian blog: Sense and Simplicity, where they had taste-tested the cake over Easter weekend. It looks rich!

11. Here's one ring to sink your teeth in to: the royal jewels in sugar!

12. And iambaker decided to make a royal wedding cake... for all the other people getting married on April 29! Those poor folks who are having their day swallowed up in royal hoopla... (Personally, I think it would be rather fun. Great way to remember your anniversary, right? And it's not like you are fighting over guests or some such nonsense! Though, you might have guests fall asleep at your wedding because they were up all night watching someone else's... can you tell I've thought about this too long?!) Anyway, this cake is pretty! I'd take one of these any day, not just on a wedding day!

13. Rather than cold feet, these two are in hot water! Ha.

Can you imagine having your image plastered everywhere? No thanks. I think Miss Kate has done a splendid job dealing with all the uproar the past few months, and I hope she and Wills have a day they can think back on with joy, but are able to move on with their lives in the quiet manner they seem to appreciate.

So, which item is on your must-have list? I'm a tea towel freak myself, but that Harry poster keeps calling to me...

Happy Thursday! For more Thursday 13s, go here.


  1. I don't care too much about the Royal Wedding but great collection of images! Happy Thursday.

  2. Great collection...God Save Our Gracious Queen and all her brood!!!

  3. i'm a fan of tea towels, myself :-)

  4. I haven't been following along. I'm curious about the buzz over William wanting a "groom's cake". Is that more American than I realized?

    And is it bad that I hope Harry marries someone completely scandalous? *smile*

    Happy TT,

    13 Songs


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