Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thursday 13: Projects for Easter consideration...

Easter is a little later this year, but that's OK with me... lots of time to get ready. The nieces (and their parents) are coming, so that gives me incentive to get off my tush and get a little spring rolling on in... as I've been pondering the decorating/basket/menu, a few tidbits have popped up to share:

1. Yarn-wrapped eggs. Aren't these just so beautiful?

2. Fabric carrots. Clever! Might even fool a bunny or two.

3. Crocheted flowers--I saw these put into a garland, just lovely. And totally up my alley!

4. Crocheted egg garland.  Also well within my crochet obsession, though I might be a bit reluctant to put a ton of effort into something I haul out once a year... on the other hand, it doesn't really look like a lot of work. Hmmm...

5. Faux milk glass. A fun DIY--not necessarily Easter per se, but very springy, and lots of applications! I think I'll definitely do this one day, if not for Easter...

6. Peeps. Well, peeps on white-chocolate-covered-marshmallow-Rice Krispie treats. Oh yeah. Can you feel the sugar high?

7. Easter cake. Doesn't this just look like something I'd love? I was just saying today, "I'm in the mood for cake," like I expected someone to walk in with one. (That didn't happen.)

8. Fabric eggs. I love these! And I especially love that they're not absolutely "Easter" in color. I've never been especially pastel, but will tolerate it as needed for baby showers and springy events...

9. Wrapped wreath. So pretty and simple.

10. Another wreath option, a paper wreath. Probably wouldn't want to hang this one on the front door, especially given the spring we've been having!

11. Two ideas with eggshells from Martha Stewart: votives and centerpieces.

12. Bunny marshmallows, also from Martha. I also found a clever chocolate-covered marshmallow egg how-to that I might try out this year.

13. Spring chick cake pops. So cute!

So which ones should I do, absolutely? Let me know, even if you're not a niece! (But nieces get two votes, for sure!)

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  1. You have to do the crochet flowers! I taught myself to crochet from youtube vids, so I'm a completely novice. But I made a king size circular comforter, so not too shabby! I'm looking for another project to do this year and would love to hear how the flowers turn out. :)

    Happy TT,

    13 WIPS

  2. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas. I love your blog header!

  3. Hope you get to satisfy your cake fix. Loved the colours! So many great ideas, so little time.

  4. All were very cute ideas. My favorites are #7, #8, and #12. Thanks for sharing.

    The Food Temptress

  5. awesome ideas - love the wrapped wreath

  6. Pretty list. I love those egg shell ideas.

  7. I really need to do more crafting; love these ideas.

  8. I think you should try washi them :-) Cool stuff! Or you could do what Dave did for me last Easter and draw my favorite things on eggs :-)

  9. Oh my, I think I will take one of everything...especially those little chick pops at the end. Soooo cute.

  10. And the cake...loved your cake on the last blog too. I have a weakness for cake...much more now than in the past. Maybe it is a sign of my advancing years!!!

  11. Wow, very crafty and quite creative. I love the cake. That is fantastic.

  12. Thanks for the links! There are about three I really want to try!

  13. I am with your mom. I think your little chickadee nieces will love the chick pops!

  14. I love the wrapped wreath and the eggshell candles!


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