Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday 13: A very specific playlist

Can. Not. Believe.

There's snow in them thar hills. Again. Today.

I know, one word sentences can be annoying. I have no excuse. The. Situation. Is. Dire.

My only recourse seems to be somewhere between a) running away to warmer climes or b) sitting in the hot tub all day or c) hitting the tanning bed or... the most realistic option, d) listening to happy music that puts me in mind of warm and happy times.

So obviously my Thursday 13 this week are happy sunny songs. Some have been featured on Sweet Tea and Sunshine before, but you can deal with that, right? That just means they're. Really. Good.

1. I Was Made For Sunshine, The Weepies

2. Sunny Day, Kristiina Wheeler

3. Bright Sunny South, Alison Kraus + Union Station

4. Sunshine (I Can Fly), Raul Midon

5. Sunshine on My Shoulders, John Denver

6. Halo/Walking on Sunshine, Glee cast

7. Another Sunny Day, Belle & Sebastian

8. Sunny Sunday, Joni Mitchell

9. Running on Sunshine, Jesus Jackson

10. Bottle of Sunshine, Milkshake

11. Brighter Than Sunshine, Aqualung

12. The Sound of Sunshine, Michael Franti

13. Sunshine, Keane

Catching my drift?

This last round of pathetic weather has cemented in my brain that I will never live on the other side of the state, either Washington or Oregon. More power to you  (brave or insane, you decide) folks who can make it, but the moss growing between my toes is a big no-no. Not gonna happen. I think a little southwest desert action is in order.

I hope that wherever you are, it's a sunny day, (even if it's not).

Happy Thursday! For more Thursday 13 participants, go here.


  1. Never noticed it before, but Dave wears the same glasses as John Denver did ;-)

  2. Excellent. I like sun too. It is finally sunny today where I live.

  3. I feel warmer already! I hope your snow passes quickly.

    Happy TT,

    13 Paragraphs

  4. This frozen Vermonter could not agree more. I'm hoping to return to T-13 in May.


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