Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

Oh, sweet weekend, why did it take you so long to get here? Now that you're here, I am oh-so-glad, especially since you bring a reminder of gratefulness (which I have been lacking a wee bit this week...).

So, dusting off my gratefulness, I see around me so much to be thankful for...

* I'm so very very thankful that we had sunshine today. It was a life-changer for me, for sure; much as I was enraptured by the hailstorm yesterday afternoon, and even a little bit by the snow in the mountains, I am ready to be done with the chill in the air. I think husband thought I'd taken a happy pill this morning, I practically bounded out of bed and was a bundle of energy from the word "go," and zoomed through the day quite happily. (See below. Yes, that pretty much sums up my day; up to the part of the shearing, that is...)

There are more clips on YouTube to finish off the story, if you feel the need.

Lucy's cupcake, gone in a flash!

* My family. Shelby and Kim and the girls are here for Easter, and that is always such a lovely thing, to have them with us. We have had our Friday night haystacks, and apple crisp and cupcakes for the girls, so we'll all sleep really well, I'm sure.

* I'm grateful for Skype, that we've been able to communicated with my mom and dad as they've been traveling hither and yon the past couple of weeks. I know it makes the time that they are apart from each other go more quickly too.

 Maizy decorated the cupcakes most beautifully! Recognize those cupcake toppers?

* I'm grateful that people who make gluten-free stuff keep working at it, getting better and better products. The cupcakes I made today were from a gluten-free mix, and they are quite good. I also found a well-reviewed flour online, and am going to put it to the test this weekend.

* I'm thankful for friendship. I'm blessed in buckets with some pretty amazing friends, that is true.

* I'm thankful for my boy. He's a keeper. If every year of teenagehood can be as good as 14, I'll take it (hope that's not jinxing anything...).

* And for husband too. Such a lucky girl am I.

* I'm thankful that there are a couple of restful days ahead. 

* I'm thankful for the nurseries being full of plants and getting us all excited about planting. It's Pavlovian, I swear.

* I'm so grateful for learning to let go of a peace that's not worth keeping.  It's an odd combination of needing to address certain things and let others go, and I am surprised that it's taking me so many years to accomplish the right sense of balance. I suppose I should be thankful for the baby steps, right?

* I'm thankful for Easter candy. And that there were still a few bags at the store when I went to replenish the chocolate I've been snarfing all week... I think the nieces will be grateful too, come Sunday morning!

* I'm thankful for the Easter story, and all that it represents in my life. It's beyond significant, to me.

My eyes are getting heavy, and I'm so looking forward to a fabulous night of sleep. I hope wherever you are, however you spend this weekend, it's filled with joy and love.


  1. ok. here it's a's a's a...COMMENT that actually came through from kim! testing. testing. fyi, enjoying side by side lap top easterness with you right now.

  2. Great to see the grandkids enjoying Easter with you. Wish we could be with you... but seeing the pictures of them is great! Love the decorated cup cakes! Good job girls!

    That little Pixar short is really great!... until the shearing part!

    Hope to Skype you Saturday evening.

  3. Sunshine is ESSENTIAL to my well being. I never considered myself a "sunhiney" kinda girl until I moved to Southwest Florida and realized how much I hate it when the sun doesn't shine (rainy summers).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. We have been so blessed with sunshine here in Paris for this past week. Only one small rain shower. The first week had no rain but a couple cool windy days but Paris is Paris and you gotta love it, rain or shine.

    Love your grateful list. Those cupcakes look so good. It is great that you all can be together this weekend. It is a good thing.

    Keep on enjoying that sunshine, thin or fat, whichever way you get it...


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