Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

Well, I must pull myself away from my crocheting long enough to make my list, right? Of course!

This week has been entirely lovely. Just the fact that it is spring break, Seth is with us, and we're away, that makes it a great week, with much to be grateful for.

I am grateful that we got some sunshine. We arrived to rain, wind, hail, the usual Oregon Coast gamut. But we ended on two days of pure bliss. It was a bit breezy when I was out on the beach today, but yesterday was peaceful and calm, cool, sure, but quite lovely. And as I've said before, everything's better with sunshine!

I'm grateful that my body can still move when I need it to. I haven't been the most active possum this winter, and did not "condition" myself appropriately for two-hour tennis matches with the boy. He, on the other hand, has been playing every day after school for a few weeks now, and was able to run me ragged around the court... whew. I feel muscles where I'd forgotten I had them! But I'm grateful I didn't pull anything or hurt myself... I need to remember I'm not quite 20 anymore... obviously time for some trotting around the countryside in my five-finger shoe things.

I'm grateful for sweet husband, who picked me up some chocolate cupcakes yesterday (remember, I've been wanting cake?), and took us on a beach driving exploration this afternoon. I really wanted to enjoy the sunshine on this last afternoon here, and there's this lovely drivable beach nearby... I really enjoyed just watching the ocean and the little sandpipers... peaceful.

I'm grateful for crochet patterns, free, online! I got a bee in my bonnet that yes, this afternoon would be the time to learn how to crochet an egg--not just an egg banner, but an actual stuffed egg--and with a little sleuthing, found a fun pattern and have been playing around. God bless the internet.

I finished my initial black borders around my granny squares, to see how many more I need to make... the verdict is "a few." So I'll be getting on that once my egg (and bunny) obsession runs its course...

I'm grateful for nature, for being surrounded by such beauty throughout the Pacific Northwest. Here are a few images captured on ramblings and explorations during low tide this week...

Creepy (yet beautiful), don't you think, these mollusky things growing out of the mussels on the rocks? Seth and I were watching a science fiction movie this week, just prior to going out for our walk, and so we had active imaginations about what could come out of the rocks and pounce on us... I know, step away from the bad science fiction!

This little inlet is usually full of crashing waves. I love low tide.

I like the pattern the falling water makes on the sand below.

These exposed roots caught my eye. What a strong tree to withstand the coastal winds!

 More falling water...

While I'm grateful for our time away, I am also grateful to be going home, go figure, and get back into home routines, spring planting and yard work (yes, I think I'm really ready; I was worried that feeling would never arrive!), and all the active and sunny activities of spring. 

I'm grateful for my family, for my adventurous parents and their traveling ways. They've been good examples for me over the years--in many ways--and they are both off on adventures the next couple of weeks. Travel safe, Ma and Pa!

Blessings to you, wherever your weekend takes you!


  1. those grannie squares are *so* lovely... just a beautiful sight of color and pattern and texture!

  2. Love your grateful usual. Your photos are have some very creative stuff happening there. The Easter eggs are so, so cute.

    I am particularly happy and thankful for great airplane rides this week.

    And thankful for you and your family and sibling and family...and most thankful for your father who is settling into having some great holiday time!!!!

  3. what an amazing vacation! gorgeous! & love your list!
    delicious, creative, beautiful,
    YOU! xox


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