Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

I am so grateful to be home, cozy with my husband. I have been away for a couple of brief days, and returning home in the sunset tonight, I felt most blessed. And tired. I'm thankful for my husband, too; he works so hard for our family, taking care of us.

My girlfriend Kate and I had a fun time last night; first a wonderful dinner out at a new-ish Seattle spot, The Book Bindery. At 2 a.m. we arose to watch the royal wedding, and it wasn't any difficulty at all staying awake... until they left for Buckingham Palace, whereupon I promptly dozed until they came out on the balcony to kiss... I only saw one kiss, so that tells you where I was at--snoozing! I'm grateful for Kate, to be sure (my Kate, not Wills' Kate!); for all our many years of visits and chats and sharing... we've walked the streets of Walla Walla and the streets of NYC, talking and talking and talking. Never any shortage there. Tiaras and tea in the middle of the night, that's new ground for us, for sure!

This one is going to sound odd, but it's true: I'm grateful we didn't pursue going to London for the Big Event. Husband offered... I did some half-hearted looking around at hotels and airfare a few months back and then lost steam on it... lots of reasons, but as I watched the crowds (1 million estimated along the route, holy cow!) I knew that I had the best view possible for me, cozy on a sofa with a friend. I would not be good camped out in a tent for days in advance, and then only seeing brief glimpses as they whisk by. I loved the camera views of the inside of the abbey, and BBCAmerica had really nice, minimal-commentary coverage. (I listened to some of the CNN coverage on XM on my way home tonight from Seattle, and Piers Morgan drives me nuts. I couldn't have handled that chat chat chat at 2 in the morning. No thanks.)

I'm grateful for a smooth, safe trip. Yesterday there were a ton of police on the roads as I headed over to Seattle--all on the other side of the road! Today there were far fewer... thankfully. But I literally cruised on home, listening to XM all the way. (My brain is a muddle of royal wedding hoo-ha, Dr. Laura, Laura Berman (!), Rosie O'Donnell, Gayle King and the comedy channel. I think I need a brain flush.)

I'm thankful that I have the good sense not to dress like Prince Andrew's daughters. OK, that sounds awfully snotty, but really... wow. What were they thinking? There are so many nice outfits in the world... I think it would have looked even worse, but for the Easter egg yellow glare off the Queen's outfit. (They were sitting directly behind her.) Thankfully, the Duchess of Cambridge seems to have enough good taste for all the rest of the Duke's family, eh?!

I'm thankful for my son, for our communication and affection. I am a lucky mom.

I'm grateful for opportunities to stretch my brain, and the opportunity to work on challenging projects. My Seattle time was fun in that way, reporting on a project we've been noodling on for a nonprofit I volunteer with. Feels good to get things checked off the list! Now on to other projects... there are always more in the pipeline.

I'm grateful for spring, even though it feels so slow in coming. I drove through snowflakes yesterday on the pass. Snowflakes! On April 28? Snowflakes? Crazy.

I'm grateful for spring eating--asparagus! baby potatoes! little lettuces! I am so looking forward to summer eating too, but that seems so far off, with this silly cold weather.

 I'm grateful for color. I felt like the mother ship was calling me home yesterday afternoon in University Village... glassybaby... color... so pretty. (I was very good and just took pictures. Truly good.)

I'm grateful for love; especially for those taking a second spin around. A friend got married tonight in Oregon (I swear they set their date before those silly royals), and Jen is posting updates to FB and texting me happy pictures of the evening. It's lovely to see, even from afar, and reminds me of our little event 5+ years ago... love is grand.

I am always grateful for cheese, as you know. And I will do a post about The Book Bindery, probably... but I can't resist showing you this amazing cheese plate Kate and I split last night. Yum.

I'm thankful for the weekend, to rest and gather ourselves before another week. I plan to do just that!

Hope your weekend is peaceful.


  1. I REALLY thought that hat was some sort of homage to Mickey Mouse/Disney. You see stuff like that in Disney ALL THE TIME and if that hat isn't a "Hidden Mickey", I'm not sure WHAT is.

    I do like that crazy butterfly hat she wore to some event, but I like it to have on a shelf to look at, not to wear.

    And those glass votives- can I just move into that photo and live there for a while? I'm not sure how you resisted!

    I love the Friday grateful moment. I would love to take part in it.

  2. I'm just glad to have that wedding checked off the list... one more thing done! The hoopla before was above and beyond. However the whole event was above and beyond. did you see the lip reading interpetations? Very funny.

  3. Your father just mentioned the lip reading interpretations but I had little thought clouds above heads all night as I watched...When they sang God Save The Queen, Prince Phillip was sort of just half-heartedly singing along...Above her head I am sure she was thinking, "Phil, for goodness sake, can't you put some energy into that song anymore?"

    I did love it and had a good chuckle at the hats...sheesh they do have wild hats there.

    Were you really so good about the glassy-babies? I must find that shop some time.

    There is much for which we can be thankful.


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